I am: Crystal
I’ve never: been to New York City even though it is a dream of mine.
I will never: willingly let a spider crawl on my face.
I wish: you would play along and take this survey about yourself and leave it as a comment on this post. (nice push, huh?)
Why: do you read my blog?
I love: Creativity.
I hate: Comic Sans.
I cannot stand: being called “kid”.
I will always: love you (a little throwback to “the bodyguard”).
I have: reservations about the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.
I turned down: the marriage proposal of a marine before he left for Iraq. For real.
I need: a vacation. thank God for Memorial Day.
I still: want to be a meteorologist but I don’t want to go to college for it.
I fear: the dark, spiders and driving.
I kissed: dating goodbye. oh wait, that was Joshua Harris because he got married. Wait. What?
I might: move to South Africa some day. God-willing.
I used to: go to sleep early.



  1. I am: Kevin
    I’ve never: been to Boston in the Fall
    I will never: eat octopus.
    I wish: I could finish my masters already
    Why: do I have tension headaches all the stinking time.
    I love: my wife.
    I hate: spinach.
    I cannot stand: arrogance.
    I will always: forget to shut cabinet doors.
    I have: very little.
    I turned down: a $75,000 job to finish my education. For real.
    I need: Excederin Tension Headache.
    I still: do not have any.
    I fear: spiders.
    I kissed: my wife once.
    I might: finish work instead of reading blogs.
    I used to: sleep in until 1 PM on Saturdays. That was before kids.

  2. Los

    I am Carlos
    I’ve never commented on your blog 😉
    I will never not comment on your blog.
    I wish I commented on your blog before
    I love commenting on your blog
    I hate not commenting on your blog
    I cannot stand when I don’t comment on your blog
    I will always comment on your blog
    I have commented on your blog
    I turned down the chance to comment on your blog yesterday
    I need to comment on your blog regularly
    I still am commenting on your blog after 5 minutes
    I fear my lack of commenting on your blog will do damage to my comment streak I have begun tonight
    I kissed commenting on your blog goodbye
    I might comment again tomorrow
    I used to never comment on your blog

  3. I am: Angie
    I’ve never: waxed my legs
    I will never: willingly hold a snake
    I wish: i was more outgoing.
    Why: do I stress out about the little things?
    I love: starbucks with friends.
    I hate: salad
    I cannot stand: fake people.
    I will always: be named Angie
    I have: an excitement i cannot contain.
    I turned down: the music on my computer.
    I need: money. But money isnt everything in life.
    I still: wish that I could hang out with my great intern buddies from last summer.
    I fear: the dark, rejection, failure, reptiles.
    I kissed: the ugliest guy as my first kiss.
    I might: get married someday.
    I used to: go to McDonalds at 10pm and eat an entire value meal.

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