I’m Afraid of the Dark…

i am. for real. i hate the dark.

i take flashlights with me on overnight trips. i use the light from my cell phone if i am walking around the house in the dark. and even when i turn my bedroom light off at night, i run and leap into bed out of fear that something is going to get me. what? i have no clue. have i ever seen anything in the dark, in my room that could get me? no. am i still scared that there could be something? yes.

i know, i am crazy.

this fear of the dark came into full force on tuesday night after i left Bible study. i was walking in the parking lot, toward the car, when i heard a very loud, very ominous, “OWOOOOOOOWOOO!!!!!!!!!!” i screamed, “what the crap?!?!?” and ran like heck to the car and locked the door!

if it had been in the daylight, i wouldn’t have reacted the way that i did.

so now its your turn. what are you afraid of that might be a bit embarrassing?


  1. jennifer

    i am the same way .i actually slept in my mom’s room until i was 16 years old. i always have to have some kind of light on at night. i am a freak, LOL .

  2. Jenny

    omg…so yes i will totally have to agree with you crystal…yea i have always been afraid of dark as well. whenever i come home and its dark i run inside. why? but yea i’m a goof…lol 🙂

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