1. haaaaa…your comment on anne’s blog just made me laugh out loud. actually out loud. threw up in your mouth a little. haa.

  2. Hiya Crystal:
    Ocassionally I sift through my “older posts” and saw where you left a comment. Forgive my tardiness for not answering sooner. You are welcome to comment or ask any questions. I’ve enjoyed so much your writings on Anne’s blogs. We are definitely women making a difference as we share our amazingly incredible lives! Hark! We lived in Overland Park, KS once and our kids loved the School System there!!! Write on precious girl…..or is it right on!!!! (or, is that ancient????)

  3. okay. so all of these have made me chuckle and giggle.
    but this one.
    this time my sister knocked on my door and asked me to keep it down.
    no lie.
    there were tears.
    you two are amazing.

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