1. Crystal, as a child of the 80’s, I can attest to the fact that this is indeed the real deal. Just looking at the collars, pants, dresses, hair, etc… is my biggest clue. I don’t think you can fake that stuff these days without making it look like a parody. The chick at 1:08 is also a dead give-away. Same goes for the guy at 1:12, he looks a little Keith Green-ish, minus the curly hair. People just don’t look like that any more, even if they’re trying to look the part. The “Sonseed” graphic is how text on TV looked back then.

    Also, if I remember right, that bass style was fairly popular in the early-mid 80’s. I can’t quite get a good glimpse of the keyboard, although it looks nothing like a hip Moog or anything like that. Is that Pat Boone coming out to greet them at the end?

    So, based on all of that evidence, I’m going to venture a guess that this little segment was produced around 1981, possibly as late as 1982. I’d like to find these people today and see what they have to say for themselves! Thanks for the lunch time diversion…

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