Last Minute-ness

last night, i went shopping at Target, grabbing some last minute items for south africa. got everything i needed (minus the salt & vinegar pringles i was so hoping they would have).

i honestly can’t believe i am leaving in 2 days. its been 18 months since the last time i went. 6 months since the disappointment of March’s kidney stone diversion. to be this close is just freaking me out. is it really happening? yes!! but if i hear one more kidney stone joke between now and when i leave, some of my hair will get pulled out.

this whole leaving the country thing always throws me for a loop. putting everything on hold, leaving my home and my job and traveling across the world for 2 weeks. life at home just kinda gets shut off. shut off from anything familiar. its truly a whirlwind, but so worth it!

what is your favorite/least favorite thing about traveling?

prayer needs – please pray for us!


  1. I love getting to a new place but I hate the actual traveling part of it. Airports, train rides, car rides, I hate it. I just want to get to where I am going.

    But I love going away from home because I always learn so much about myself. I would just appreciate a teleportation machine. 🙂

    Praying for you lots!

  2. melanie

    will be praying for you! i still wish you coulda gone in march, you being there woulda made the trip even better! say hi to mike, jessi, and travis for me! (i’m watching mike’s dog while he’s gone)

  3. I dig your blog. I checked it out from Brandon McCoy’s site. We play music together. Have a great trip to South Africa!

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