last night…

i hear there were storms pretty much everywhere last night… as for me and the joys of kansas… the tornados sirens went off a total of 5 times, we received hail of about nickel size (at largest) and wow, a lot of wind. the the wannabe meteorologist in me was having a great time!

anne and i were virtual storm-chasing (2 states away). too fun. we’re weather freaks. 🙂

here’s a little of what happened. please excuse the phone quality footage.

did you experience the wonders of nature?




  1. kim

    same storm, somewhere between you and flowerdust: drove home from band rehearsal in hail and the scariest lightning ever. Then watched in amazement as the weather guy filled endless air time with reports of hail the size of every small spherical object known to humanity. I’m continually amazed at the endurance of the tv meteorologists here on the plains.

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