My Autobiography

Okay people, this is unfortunately a cop-out post. I was too busy in Portland to post a lot, and since getting home though I have had great intentions on writing some sort of recap post or something else of interest, I am just too tired. Thank you once again to Facebook for giving me something to do in the interim.

Bear with me… real posts are coming soon (believe me that I have a million thoughts flowing, ready to pour out).

My Autobiography

Where did you take your Facebook profile picture?
Portland, OR… umm, what is called the Riverfront? Something like that.

What exactly are you wearing right now?
Gray pajama pants and a white t-shirt.

What is your current problem?
Oh geez, I have several but they do seem to dim in comparison to others’ right now.

What makes you happy most?
Genuine relationships, a really good sneeze and aching laughter.

What song are you listening to at the moment?
Thanks to Pandora, it is a nice blend of 90s country music.

Ever sang in front of a large audience?
Many, many times. But it has been a while. I miss those performing days but more so, I miss leading worship.

Do you still watch kiddy movies or kiddy TV shows?
All the time. I watch Hannah Montana quite a bit and if “Angels in the Outfield” is on, I can’t pass it up.

Do you speak any languages?
Yes, I speak English quite well.

Has anyone you’ve been really close with passed away?
Family… no. But I have lost some pretty amazing friends.

What’s something that really annoys you?
Dumb travelers.

Chapter 1:
1. Middle name: Ann

2. Nicknames: Pinkie, Crys, Kiddo (though, I hate that last one)

3. Current location: Kansas City

4. Eye color: Hazel

Chapter 2:
1. Do you live with your parent(s)? Yes.

2. Do you get along with your parent(s)? Generally, yes. Pretty close.

3. Are your parents married/separated/divorced? Married.

4. Do you have any Siblings? 2 stinky older brothers and a lovely sister-in-law.

Chapter 3: Favorites
1. Ice Cream: Chocolate

2. Season: Fall

3. Shampoo/conditioner: Yes. Herbal Essences for Color-Treated Hair.

Chapter 4: Do You..
1. Dance in the shower? Yes, although I sing more than anything.

2. Do you write on your hand? Only reminders.

3. Call people back? I am really bad at this.

4. Believe in love? Absolutely.

6. Any bad habits? Losing faith when all goes dark for a while.

Chapter 5: Have You..
1. Broken a bone: Nope.

2. Sprained stuff: My ankle in high school.

3. Had physical therapy: I have had several series of chiropractic care to repair whiplash and sciatica.

4. Gotten stitches: Nope.

5. Taken painkillers: You have kidney stones and tell me you didn’t take them, okay?

6. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling: No way.

7. Been stung by a bee: Once. I stepped on one in the backyard when I was in elementary school.

8. Thrown up at the dentist: No, but I have gagged many a time.

9. Sworn in front of your parents: Yes, and unfortunately more than once.

10. Had detention: Not even once.

Chapter 6: Who/What was the last
1. Movie(s): In the theater it was X-Men Origins.

2. Person to text you: Anne

3. Person you called: Jenni

4. Person you hugged: I got hugged a lot today being my first day back to work. Hmm, but I think the last one was Jennifer Huddleston.

5. Person you tackled: Umm, I don’t recall tackling anyone recently. Maybe Chance Clayville when I tickle-attacked him.

6. Person you talked to on AIM/iChat: Lynse

7. Thing you touched: Keyboard

8. Thing you ate: Salt & Vinegar Pringles

9. Thing you drank: Diet Coke (geez, I am predictable)

10. Thing you said: I was singing, “Our Song” by Taylor Swift.

Chapter 7: Future
1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Married

2. Where do you hope to live? Kansas. I have no present plans to leave.

3. Do you want to be famous? Better than being infamous, I suppose.

Take one of the previous questions and leave your answer as a comment today.


  1. 10. Had Detention : not until I was a school prefect and had to supervise them. Ugh.

  2. I am so using this on Friday for my Caffeinated Randomness post…this is the first survey I have seen with really great questions…

    It was fun to get to know you a little more 🙂

    I shall answer the detention question too… never.

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