My Most Embarrassing Moment

it was pajama day. you know, one of those days in school where you show your school spirit by wearing school colors…. or sport some crazy hair… or in my case, come to school in pajamas.

well… i was a junior and wore these pajamas that were too long for me (hello, i am a short person). during one of our breaks between classes, while walking down the main stairs, i tripped on my pants and totally bit it. that’s right, i fell down the stairs in front of half the school.

sometimes at night, i can still hear the laughing.

what’s YOUR most embarrassing moment?


  1. Fifth grade. End of year picnic. The sack race. I was hopping down the field as fast as I could go. I have no idea where I was in the rankings. I do know that when I go to the end and turned around ALL the kids were pointing and laughing. Just then, one of the chaperone’s ran up to me and pulled up my shirt. I can still see T.K. laughing hysterically at me. I can still here C.D. saying “It’s OK Karen. I didn’t see anything.” AUGH!

    Moral of the story… don’t wear a tube top to the 5th grade picnic.

  2. I was on an airplane to Dallas TX w/ a large group of professional / classy women (I was an imposter).

    The guy next to me had to use the bathroom. I stood up, let him by, and then heard hysterical laughing. I looked back to see what was the commotion when I saw my friend pointing…at me.

    The elastic in my skirt chose that exact moment to break. The entire plane of people saw my g-string.

    I became the “butt” of ALL jokes that weekend.

  3. My worst, most humiliating, horrifying, embarrassing moment happened about a year ago. I dropped a cell phone on a dead guy. Not dead as in laying in a coffin dead, but freshly dead, as in just died.

    I am always deeply uncomfortable in these situations because I have absolutely no idea what proper deathbed etiquette is. I usually just fumble around and do the best I can while my super-star pastor husband says and does everything with grace, compassion, and eloquence.

    So we’re standing around the dead body, and I’ve got my cell phone in my hands. I think we were going to pray or something, and as I reached out to grab someone’s hand, my hand slipped .

    My cell phone landed with a surprisingly loud thud right in the middle of the dead guy’s chest.

    Every single person in the room looked at the phone, and then looked at me. I could have fallen through the floor. I wished I could fall through the floor.

    My beloved husband gave me a pitiful look, picked up the cell phone, and handed it back to me.

    If someone you know dies, don’t call me to come. I will not bring comfort. I will be awkward and uncomfortable, and you will be as well. I will call or send a nice card.

  4. Well I have several but my most scarring moment took place in 5th grade.

    First I must preface this with the fact that I am a nerd…I LOVE me some school.

    In 5th grade I had a fantastic teacher and thought she was the stuff. She made class fun. We had been learning about royalty and we were having a “quiz” contest and it was down to me and one other person in front of the class…and at that moment of truth….I puked. Every where. I still remember the question….What color is considered the color of royalty?

    She gave me a prize when I came back to class a few days later but…

    Needless to say I hate public speaking or getting up in front of the class…

    wonder why?


  5. my word. where to start. i’ll tell two, since one relates to an above post.

    a few summers ago i went to visit a friend of mine on long island. one day we went into nyc. we were in the south street seaport mall. he has crohn’s disease and had to go to the bathroom, and i decided i better go now because the bathrooms were nice and i’d gone in a port-a-potty earlier that day and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. so we are sitting there in the bathroom and he just starts to belt and sing, knowing i’ll sing along. and that’s exactly what i do. i start to belt and sing along with him. i exit my stall still singing. i stop singing. people are looking at me weird. people in nyc looked at ME weird. i walk out of the bathroom and he’s sitting there on a bench chuckling.

    but on the the main story. i was in kindergarten. we were doing the pledge. the teacher asked the class what indivisible meant. i answered with “not invisible” and the class started laughing at me. i sat down in my seat and didn’t answer questions for weeks

  6. we were playing a show in Cincy and about 5 minutes before we were supposed to start, i went out on the stage to double check a few things on my drumset, and leave a couple of extra water bottles near where i would be sitting.

    as i was walking out however, my foot got caught on a stray cable that i didn’t see because the stage lights were still off. it was pitch black back stage. I fell hard, face first because my hands were full. I closed my eyes as i fell and sort of laid there for a second catching my breath before i got up.

    it was then when i realized that i was not as backstage as i thought i was. Standing up i heard a thunderous applause, an applause that can only come from 1,000 high school students anticipating a concert. while my fall had STARTED backstage, i LANDED with half my body in full view of the crowd.

    its hard to come back out 5 minutes later to play music with any dignity …

  7. When I was a senior in high school, my best friend and I decided it would be a good idea to saran-wrap a couple of our friend’s cars. We did two, thought we were pros and decided to do my boyfriend at the times car. In the middle of wrapping I threw the roll under the car, missed, hit the car, which banged super loud in the middle of the night (like 1AM). Scared myself so bad that I peed my pants. And of course we parked like a mile away so I had to waddle back to my car. Drive home. Next morning at church, my boyfriend was telling me that I was a bad pranker and he would give me pointers and my mom blurted out; “they had to stop cause Jenna peed her pants.”

    I could have died. Luckily, my boyfriend thought my mom was joking. To which my mom responded, “why would I tell you that, to impress you?”

    Died again…

  8. I saw your comment on Ragamuffin Soul and thought “Hey she goes to my church!” I like your blog.

    My most embarrassing moment is very similar to yours. Jr. year of high school I was in band class and it was “chair placement day.” The teacher called us down individually to play for him in another room. As I was walking with my clarinet, I tripped on someone’s backpack and went flying down the carpeted steps. My clarinet flew across the room and I landed face down on the floor in front of everyone. I tried to fake passing out, but it didn’t work. My teacher picked up my clarinet and tapped me on the back, saying “Marie? Are you ok?” I quit band three days later and joined choir instead.

    I think the person who dropped the cell phone on the dead person wins the prize though!

  9. cute that everyone only has ONE embarrassing moment.

    my whole LIFE is an embarrassing moment… I’ve just learned to deal.

  10. You had school spirit?

    On a plane ride to Argentina the flight attendant came by with breakfast. She said something that I didn’t catch as English. I thought she had spoken Spanish so I said sorry I only speak English. Turns out she was speaking English and I just couldn’t hear her. She got really offended and I felt so bad. Then the stranger sitting next to me said gees your stupid and laughed at me. I almost threw my omelet at him.

    To this day I still feel bad and it haunts me kinda.

  11. kim

    Junior in high school.
    Returned home with boyfriend late one Saturday night, on time according to my curfew, but didn’t go in the house right away. Instead, stayed in the car for a while.


    Suddenly, notice porch light has come on, and my dad is WALKING TO THE CAR.
    Boyfriend and I are brought into the house for a conversation about what had transpired and an enlightening discussion about what ‘being home’ actually means.

    even now… lots of years later… i want to crawl under my desk just thinking about it.

  12. 9th grade. I had made the varsity basketball team and had a 10th grade cheerleader for a girlfriend. Needless to say, I was full of myself. The cheerleader girlfriend and I were at A&W with about 4 of her 10th-grader friends, and I started to notice that they were avoiding eye contact with me. My girlfriend looked at me and said, “uh, I think you need to go check the mirror in the bathroom.” When I did, I was horrified to find a huge, bright green buggar hanging out my left nostril.

    After taking care of the delicate matter, and then lingering for a few more minutes to decide what I would do once I faced everybody again, I returned to our table to find that everybody except the cheerleader girlfriend had left.

    We didn’t say much on the walk back to school. Shortly after that, we broke up, and shortly after that, I strained some tendons in my foot and was done for the season.

    Needless to say, I was knocked back down to where I needed to be. At 14, I obviously wasn’t handling success very well!

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