New Look… Same Great Taste

Hey all. First, I apologize for the abrupt departure last week. I was (just as abruptly) inspired to change some things around here. And in doing so, that required me to take her down for a few days. Miss me?

As you can see, she’s got a new theme, but not only that… some new features.

*Ad space. Doing my part to stimulate the economy.
*Prayer Page. Submit and read prayer requests and praises 24 hours a day.
*Speaking Schedule. Book me or hear me.
*Featured. Top left sidebar will highlight something of particular interest to me.
*Tweet This! is now on every post. Like something here? Tweet it.

I hope you like the new features and the new look. Do you? Let me know if you run into anything funky or something isn’t working for you. I will want to take care of it asap.

Spring has sprung and I’m excited for a new season here.


  1. Nice 🙂 It’s a lovely shade of coral, though I did enjoy tyrian purple.

    Yes, we just colour-matched your site before and after.

    At my suggestion.

    Of course.

  2. Crystal Renaud

    well, one should know that i don’t keep a new look very long. perhaps “tyrian purple” will return some day. i too, enjoyed it.

  3. Me too. I wonder if I should work it into my site sometime?

    Might depend on how often Diane wants to design new banners for me I guess 🙂

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