new year randomness

my new year’s theme* is CLAIM VICTORY.

over what you ask? well, over many areas of my life i have neglected. weight. buying a car. emotional & mental stability. childhood issues. and more. now, some of these things i’ve begun to claim in the latter-part of 2007 and i am excited by what’s already been accomplished. but i know its a long road and battle in some of these areas (particularly the ones that involve my heart) and that is a bit scary.

today, i am claiming victory over something a bit more simple. my blogroll. it was too long. too cluttered. but because i happen to enjoy linking to people who link to me and linking to sites that i find worthwhile, i had to find a solution. i have taken from the example of los and rich and have added the appropriate code to make my blogroll a rotating list. only 10 links will show up at a time.

ahh… that’s nice.

remember, if you link to me, i will link to you. so, let’s be friends.

shall we?

*it started out as something my lifegroup did, but 3 years ago (this is our 4th time) we decided not to make resolutions, but instead, themes for the year. a theme to allow God to teach us through instead of a resolution that is generally self-focused.


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