Nothing is Off Limits (Well, Almost)

Today is a “You ask, I’ll answer” kind of day.

Ask me anything! About my life, who I am, my favorite whatevers. super spiritual. or super not… it is up to you. Just try and keep it PG, people.

I’m not going to write a follow-up post to this. But instead, answer your questions in the comment section right along with you. So, if you ask a question, be sure to check back for my answer.

This should be fun.


  1. Crystal Renaud

    @Pokinatcha … I find that I most relate to Habakkuk. The major theme of the book of Habakkuk is him trying to grow from a faith of perplexity and doubt to one of absolute trust in God. He questions God. He challenges God about this circumstances, but with a listening ear and I think I model that in a lot of ways. I am stubborn. I whine. I question. But I also try and listen regardless of whether I think He’s right or not. 🙂 Luckily for me, He always is but He humors me just the same cause He knows that’s how I need to learn.

  2. have u faced any resistance from pastors or leaders for the book that you are writing since its such a taboo topic? if so, how do you or how did you deal with the pressure from others?

  3. What are some of your favorite things to do (I would call them hobbies but that seems so old school:) in your spare time? Do you have any spare time? haha!

  4. So I live in Dallas now, but lived in Lenexa when I was in high school. I’m curious what your favorite Lenexa-area place to eat is! 🙂

  5. Crystal Renaud

    @Patricia … Amazingly no. And surprisingly no. I say surprisingly only in that I do work for and attend a pretty conservative church when it comes to topics like this. But I think our having walked through the resignation of our pastor 2 years (due to longterm affair that surfaced), they can see the need to bring sexual sin to light.

  6. Crystal Renaud

    @Christy … as lame as it is my hobbies are this blog, twittering and virtually anything Web 2.0. I am a total internet junkie. I love learning all I can about web design and how to market online. But when I am not doing all that, I love counseling to women in need. I love to sing. Missions. And no, I don’t have any spare time. I don’t even remember what that would look like.

  7. Crystal Renaud

    @Sarah … hmm… good question. Since being on Weight Watchers I haven’t been able to enjoy all that I used to around here. But actually IN Lenexa – I love Callahan’s. They have the frickin’ best chicken strips.

  8. How do you separate internet stats from affecting your self esteem and ego?

    Meaning… When there is someone you know that is blowing up and has 10000 people following them and other days when you pour your heart into a post or something and no one seems to notice…

  9. Crystal Renaud

    @Jason … the short answer? I can’t. That’s me being honest with you. I am friends with some pretty big name and big stat bloggers (ie. flowerdust, ragamuffinsoul) and I do find myself at times like royally jealous of their status on the web. But then I have to ask myself, who am I blogging and writing for? And if my motives in writing are for the glory and praise of others, then I need to just stop. The only One I need to write for is Him and I am just trusting that if if He wants me to have amazing stats, He’ll provide them.

  10. Being a web junkie (I am too), do you find it hard to pull away sometimes? Do you find it (time on the web) ever interferes with your time with God? How do you balance your time?

  11. Crystal Renaud

    @Aubrey … Balance is key. For a long time blogging consumed my life because I wanted to be the biggest and the best blogger. See my answer to Jason’s question for how I got over that. Now, twitter has taken over my life in a pretty big way. But I know how to read myself and know when enough is enough. And I go dark and quiet for a while and hang out with my Maker. @jclayville has asked me why am I so quite from time to time, and that’s why. The need to step back and recoop.

  12. Crystal Renaud

    @Mandy … that’s a retarded question. but the answer is no.

  13. Crystal Renaud

    @Jenni … I like to live vicariously through the lives of those who aren’t boring white people. Different cultures and ethnicities fascinate me.

  14. Here’s a rather stalkerish question: How do you pronounce your last name? I always read it and try to make it up. Ruh-NOD? Ruh-NO? Obviously I’ve thought (too) long and hard about this one. 🙂

  15. Crystal Renaud

    @Amy … I LOVE that you asked this question. I’ve had this last name for 24 years and it is inevitable that someone will pronounce it incorrectly every. single. day.

    The easiest way to explain is this: it is like Ren & Stimpy and Oh-no put together.

    Ren-Oh. Everything say it together now: “Ren-Oh”

  16. ummm, ummm, ummm, I’m struggling to come up with a question. I’ve been pondering all day. How about, where do you see yourself (what you’ll be doing, where you’ll be living, life situation, etc., etc.) 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

  17. Crystal Renaud

    @CC … great question, but one I steer clear of for my own sanity. I have made “goals” and have set expectations before and have been horribly disappointed and completely surprised. My life looks nothing now like I thought would even a year ago, let alone 5 years ago. So to try and see myself as something 5 to 10 from now… wow. That’s overwhelming. God’s got it covered. I just gotta be willing to flow where the breeze carries me. I would like to see myself married at some point though.

  18. Crystal Renaud

    @Rich … Beautiful the Blood (Fee) and Lift High (Eddie Kirkland).

  19. Tina

    What are 5 qualities that draw you to a person….then 5 things that turn you off in a person. Thanks-

  20. Crystal Renaud

    @Tina … sounds like a question from eHarmony. Not that I would know that. Um. Yeah. What?

    Draws Me:
    1) Closeness to Christ
    2) Authenticity
    3) Humor/Sarcasm
    4) Loyalty
    5) Compassion

    Turn Offs:
    1) Inauthentic
    2) Taking
    3) Yourself
    4) too
    5) Seriously

  21. Did you grow up in a Christian home? Or did you learn about God and relationship with him when you were older?

  22. Crystal Renaud

    @Jessica … No. I grew up in a Catholic family, one that didn’t really practice the religion. It wasn’t until I was 15 and started attending a Christian youth group with some classmates that I got saved.

  23. Sami Sallak

    What do you find yourself humbled by on a day to day basis? What do you find yourself praying for the most often?

  24. Hmmm – serious question, or funny question…

    Let’s go right down the middle :

    When are you coming to Australia?

  25. Sami Sallak

    One more… how did you tell people about your addiction? I seriously need ideas. I have NO CLUE how to start…

  26. Fiona

    I just want to say great blog I love it and ready it everyday. I love that you are so open and are not afraid to let people ask you any question.
    I have no question for you put keep on blogging. Just wanted you to know you have an Aussie fan in China
    Keep it up girl

  27. Lory

    Ever had struggles with things like depression/mental stuff either personally or in your familia? This has been a research type topic for me lately, so I’m asking random people…wait, that doesn’t mean you’re random…..well, maybe it does…well…back to the question…

  28. Crystal Renaud

    @Sami … I am most humbled by the generosity of others. Whether that be financial, time or the giving of kind words. I find myself most often praying for patience and contentment. Both of which are struggles for me. I first began telling about my addiction after someone else told me about theirs. Their willingness to go first gave me the courage to go second, and give the gift of going second to someone else. Find someone you trust to tell. I think you’ll find the more times you’re just honest, the easier it will be to keeping sharing.

  29. Crystal Renaud

    @David … The serious answer is that Jenni and I are looking at around May 2010. If our saving efforts are successful.

  30. Crystal Renaud

    @Fiona … IS THIS WESTSIDER FIONA???? I miss you girl.

  31. Crystal Renaud

    @Lory … Yes and yes. Both throughout my family and in my own life. Depression, anxiety and addiction.

  32. Crystal Renaud

    @Tam … Interesting question. I am not afraid because I know where I am going. But I don’t think I want to go without experiencing some more things first. Is that the wrong perspective? Perhaps.

  33. If Batman and Superman got in a fight, who would win: Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris?

  34. Crystal Renaud

    @Zack … that sounds like 2 questions so I am going to answer it as 2 questions. 1) Batman. Superman is a bit of a pansy. 2) Chuck Norris. Because well, he’s Chuck Norris.

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