Project 365: January 15, 2010

With so much despair taking place in Haiti, we saw a miracle happen today.

Dan Woolley (member of Compassion International’s internet marketing team) was discovered alive after 3 days… inside of a hotel elevator shaft. He was in Haiti collecting footage of Compassion’s work in the area but had gone missing following the earthquake on January 12, 2010.

I don’t know this man—but I know people who do. And have been following his story for couple of days. Even before knowing he was with Compassion—or Shaun’s posting about it.

Check out the story here.

Check out this amazing video of his rescue. What are the odds that Haitian media would have filmed his rescue. It astounds me. The video is in French, but you don’t need a translator to understand.

(If you’re reading this in RSS or on Facebook, come over and watch it).

My favorite part of this clip is at about 0:21 when you can hear the reporter say, “et voilà” the moment they pull Dan out. Meaning “and there” in French.

And there: A modern-day miracle.

Huge for us.
Simple for God.
Praise be to God.

Please continue to pray for the remaining Compassion staff (and SO many others still missing). And GIVE toward Haiti earthquake relief however you can.

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