simply strategic and God is frickin’ huge

we are hosting the workshops today (tuesday). these workshops consist of 1) communications 2) first impressions 3) volunteers. i’ve been to the communication workshop before so i am excited because i am attending the volunteer workshop lead by the simply strategic guys, Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens.  I am excited because this kind of workshop is TOTALLY different for me. but alas, one of my latest roles in the creative department at Westside is to implement volunteers to serve on our creative team. i am excited to learn how to effectively recruit and train volunteers for ministry! what an incredible gift.

as long as our wifi holds out – i will update you on how it goes!

in other news, thank you to those of you who left comments in response to my “drama queen crystal” post. i believe you have been praying for me because God is MOVING. God is frickin’ huge. i know that isn’t just “other news” but i am realizing Hisunfathomable magnitude more and more. that i can’t place God in a box. that i can’t control Him. that i have absolutely no control over the happenings of my life because HE is theordain-er of it. that no matter how much i want something to happen… HE is ultimately going to say yes or no to it.

this isn’t new news, but it is fresh. God has blessed me with a fresh look at the events of the last few months and how He controlled and controls it all. that He allowed things and a certain “happening” to happen to teach me and break my own character.  to prepare me. for what? that will have to wait to be seen. . .

what is He showing you about yourself?

what are you afraid to “show” Him?


  1. I’m stoked! …even if you are sitting in on the Volunteer session from “those strategic guys”. It’ll be frickin’ awesome – enjoy! Looking forward to the visit, too!

  2. Every time, without fail, God shows me something about myself, I am left humbled. Lately is has been my lack of discipline.

    There is one particular thing that keeps coming back though. “He who is faithful with a little, can be faithful with a lot.” And its not just about money for me. Its about everything. If I can have enough discipline to do the dishes every night, then I can be responsible to do greater things…I feel a blog entry coming on. Thanks.

  3. That is so good to hear!! I am so happy that you are seeing God in fresh ways!! Lets talk about that more! Oh and by the way…was tonight just not simply amazing?? 🙂 Its funny, once you find freedom in one thing, God brings another area to light that needs to be released from bondage. Hard, but amazing. How great is our God…i mean, seriously.

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