so anne said to update…

Although I don’t have much to say at all, Anne requested that I update so here I am trying to think up something real quick.

Honestly, from 11:00pm Friday night when I got home from Cirque until 4:30pm Sunday afternoon when I left for church – I was in my PJ’s and hadn’t left the house all weekend. So I’ve been a lazy girl… so what? I am not ashamed or am I sorry for it either. It has been several weekends (months in fact) that I have had nothing to do. Being able to spend time with myself, spending way too much time sleeping, surfing the net for no reason, playing with my too often neglected dog and just not having to actually DO anything has been awesome.

Life (work & social) has been overwhelming lately so getting this time to refocus, rejuvenate and evaluate has been great! Amen.

On a different note: I need some prayers for a potentially difficult conversation I may need to have with a friend of mine. We are not extremely close yet and it is a situation where it may or may not be my business at all but I can’t help but feel I need to approach this person about it. I am being vague on purpose obviously. If you think you might have advice for me then email me and I can explain the situation in the most honoring way I can.

Love you!

(anne is a blog posting bully… muuuaaaahahaha … crazy girl…it hasn’t even been that long since I posted last!) 


  1. Did you see that Reese Witherspoon won? And Brokeback didn’t! Two comments in two days… Are you shocked?!

  2. This is much too difficult to leave a comment, or maybe i’m just lazy… either way, know that i love you a ton!

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