Squealing Over Swine Flu


I was talking with some co-workers today about all the fuss about Swine Flu.

Did you know that the regular flu kills approximately 36,000 people just in American each year? So, why is Swine Flu such a big fuss?

Is it our need to always have something to sensationalize or do you think there’s actually something to worry about?

*oh and feel free to caption the picture. lol.


  1. Colleagues and I have been trying to work that one out. The media hype has been phenomenal. Last week one London paper headlined that 94,000 people in London alone would die from it.

    After the PM’s announcement in Parliament that one school girl was being treated, the other children at her school were terrified and were in tears.

    My guess is that this will go the same way as bird flu – it’ll be over in a snuff – pun most definitely intended!

  2. Lemmings

    A lot of the sensationalism is the news being bored. But there is also a concern because of how quickly it is being spread world-wide through human-human contact, and that it is a NEW virus (so it is a bit unpredictable).

    There isn’t a need to panic, rather a need to be aware of your surroundings and to a pro-active stance (washing hands, covering to cough/sneeze, etc.).

  3. Of course it is…look at the whole tabloid news industry in general.

    We had some fun with it in church…using the fear to your advantage…such as sneezing when you next visit a stocktake sale to make sure no-one else grabs the items you’re after…

    Um… 🙂

    Srsly for a moment : Satan came to rob, kill and destroy (John 10:10) and the current crop of contestants :
    Global Financial Crisis = rob
    Swine Flu = kill
    ? = destroy (not that we’re short of contenders, there’s just not an obvious standout in my mind at the moment)

    Standby for next week’s exciting “new” tricks for that old dog…

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