Thank You Captain Obvious

confession: i tend to hide behind a veil of sarcasm. you could even go as far as to say i thrive in sarcasm. i seek out friendships with those who are the same way. i deflate others’ self-esteem with brilliant poise and razor-sharp wit. let’s face it, sarcasm is a plain girl’s bestfriend. but is it very Christ-like?

  1. can you be heavily sarcastic in your everyday dialogue and love the Lord at the same time?
  2. are you a giver of sarcasm or an unsuspecting recipient?
    • if you’re a giver, does your clever wit ever shadow Christ or are you simply having fun “Speaking the Truth in Love” (eph. 4:15)?


  1. First, I think there is a difference between being sarcastic with friends and those you love and being sarcastic with others. Some people get it. My wife is very sarcastic, for example. Its a matter of the heart. She wouldn’t do that to spite someone.

    My friends and I communicate through sarcasm, mixed with a healthy dose of encouragment. That’s key to developing relationships. Without the encouragement and love, sarcasm will wear the relationship down.

    I also noted the dumb one in the class was named Kevin. Not funny. :o)

    Ps. Where would be without Montey Python?

  2. well, i duno. you just have to read the situation…. and make a judgment call. the hard part is, usually the sarcastic people hardly have the self control to hold back 😉 i am also a lover of sarcasm. uhm, the writer of likes both our blogs so I decided that means we should also be virtual friends. Hahha.

    peace and grace and if you wanna read another good blog about africa… read my friend, Ashley’s she rocks.

  3. So stealing that – Chandler has alwayss been my hero for that quick sarcasm. I can only aspire.

  4. Crystal–I’m a little gullible and can have my head in the clouds sometimes. It makes great fodder for anybody wanting to come along and make fun of my blonde-ness. Even though it’s actually dark colored approaching salt-and-pepper.

    On another note, what does a dude need to do to get a link on here?

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