This will freak your face off…

it never stops amazing me how many fingerprints God left behind for us to find Him. the following video is 8 minutes, but i’m not kidding you… it will freak your face right off. so slow down a bit … and just watch. my jaw is still on the ground.

louie giglio, “laminin”
(RSSers, there’s a video here)

ht: my friend roxanne


  1. Oh, Crystal, thank you for this!! You’re right, I’m totally in awe.

    I’m also totally stealing this for my blog. 🙂


  2. OK – sermon background music drives me CRAZY…but I stuck it out…and it was worth it…so worth it.

  3. That’s the first 8+ minute video that I’ve watched online in a long time. Very cool! Although I do agree with Mandy…sermon background music is the worst. But laminin, well, that’s just neat.

  4. Hi- thank you for posting this. I had never heard of laminin before. I posted the video on my blog too. This made my day. Thank you!!

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