UPDATE: urgent prayer need

Ok so my brother went through all the xrays and whatever and they determined it was a severely pulled muscle in the middle of his back… causing some nerving pinching, etc. This explains the leg throbbing, etc. Looks as though he’ll be fine after some chiropractic appointments and healing time. Thanks so much for praying, it could have been much worse. Please continue to pray for a quick healing of this whole thing.

yea God!


Friends, please take a moment and lift up my other brother and his family. My brother Bill (26) was working in the yard yesterday and injured his back pretty badly. He has an appointment today at 1:30pm for xrays and an MRI to determine the severity of his injury. He is in a lot of pain, can’t move and his legs are throbbing – which apparently are all symptomatic of something spinal. Yard work is his livelihood as a landscaper so it’s very bizarre that he’d injure himself doing normal yard work at home.

Bill, Emily (his wife) and my 2 nephews, Jakob & Jackson.

Thanks for praying.


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