Women Who Influence Me

In preparation for the Gifted to Lead Women’s Conference I am attending on Wednesday — I wanted to highlight some women who influence me daily or who have crossed my path on my journey to where I am. Jenni did this sort of thing on her blog. I loved the idea so much, that I totally stole it. But I got a bit long-winded.

My “Sister”
Anne — from stranger to quasi-mentor to best friend and the closest thing i’ve had to a sister: we’ve walked through some of the toughest and most beautiful experiences life could throw at us. Although many miles have separated us these last few years, that hasn’t stopped us yet. She knows all of me. And I like to think that I know all of her as well. She is genuinely the most beautiful and most-cherished relationship of my life. I am so proud of her and her obedience to God’s call in her life. Her marriage to Chris is such an amazing example of what marriage should be. I am in awe of her and it is so exciting to see her healthy and thriving. And something that just hit me now is, I don’t think we’ve ever had a fight. Have we?

My First Mentor
Becky — although I haven’t been able to see her face or even hear her voice for over 15 months now, the influence she had on over 6 years of my life can be scene in me to this day. Her fingerprints are all over my greatest professional triumphs. I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today professionally without her example of leadership and her support of me. She was my constant cheerleader. Now that its on me, I hope that I make her proud. I miss her. I pray she’s well. If you read this girlfriend, seriously, let’s have lunch.

Ministry Rockstars
Melissa and Kathi — we’re totally going to take Chicago by storm this week and I am so excited to experience this women’s conference with you (and get TATTOOS!!!!). Neither one of you knew what you were getting into when you entered the ministry-world a couple of years ago. In fact I actually have a couple years on you in that, but no — you took on leadership in midst of adversity and have taught me more about patience, love and grace than anyone in ministry has. And even in the hardest months of ministry I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for your friendship and your leadership. Better days are ahead for us!!

Beautiful Friendships
Angie, Jennifer, Megs, Julie, Kristi and Aimee — I thank you for being strong, beautiful women and for your loyalty — even when the busyness of my life, the busyness of your lives and even miles between us prevent us from the kind of connection with one another that we need.

Blogging BFFs
Tam, Cindy, C.C., Jenni — I am as surprised as the next person how influential people can be on the other side of a computer screen. We pray together, we laugh together and we cry together. It is truly, no, seriously, TRULY community and one I cherish.

Blogging Women I Stalk
Jenni, Mandy, Lynse, Heather — I know you are all powerhouses in your own right and I totally want to be your friend! Even if it takes stalking you to make it happen.

and one more that’s a bit unconventional but totally matters:
Grandma Dorothy — she is one of the greatest influences of my life by her example of what NOT to do. My grandpa is an abusive alcoholic and even though he’s made her life miserable and broken her into a million little pieces, she never had enough self-worth or knowledge of her worth in Christ, to leave that poisonous situation. This example has pushed me even more toward never settling for anything less than God’s best for me.

Any powerhouse women in your life?
If you feel I forgot you whilst doing this post — brag on yourself in the comments. I’ll remedy it. Grace please, it is 2am.


  1. tam

    “And something that just hit me now is, I don’t think we’ve ever had a fight. Have we?”

    that was awesome! i loved watching the two of you interact awhile back on a live video feed you did where you showed us the tattoos you ‘didn’t get…for great reason. you guys definitely rock!

    and thank you for your words. you are one precious sister. and i am so proud of who you are and so glad i get to know you. God has been so fun with this blogging journey!!!

    and…i LOVE Grandma Dorothy!

  2. I had tears when I saw my name on your blogging BFF list. You’re a sweetheart!!! I’m so thankful for friends and most of my closest friends are online ones!!!

  3. No more stalking! We’re meeting in person this week for the beginning of a new friendship!

    I love that you highlighted the women who are influencing you. It’s so important to honor and cherish each other.

  4. I love being stalked.

    Especially when I’m secretly stalking the stalker. DANGIT…it’s no longer a secret.

  5. You are too sweet. You made CindyBeall.com what it is today, baby, with your mad technical skills.

    Love it.

    And you.

  6. Wait… do I know you;)

    Totally kidding!!! I feel so privileged to be called your friend. I’ve learned so much from you about grace and prayer.

    I had no idea that blogging would lead me to such amazing friends across the world.

    Thanks for the shout-out, love!!!

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