in my entire life i’ve never seen a woodpecker… so it was to my amazement this morning when i heard a “pecking” sound, turned my head and saw 4 of them spread out in the 2 trees in my front yard.

before you crack jokes about “being a farm girl in kansas” … no way – couldn’t be farther from the truth. i live in a suburban neighborhood in the city… you know… cookie-cutter houses with one to three trees total in the yard. so, now i am just curious how common woodpeckers are… the fact that i’ve NEVER seen them before to have seen 4 this morning…

perhaps i have just been oblivious this whole time?



  1. Happiness

    In my experience, it’s been extremely difficult to be oblivious to woodpeckers. For those readers who might be novices in this area of birdwatching, the sound woodpeckers make is not a sweet little peck, but something much more like a jackhammer. No fears, Happiness. You are not missing the world around you. My guess is you’ve simply not encountered that many of these creatures.

  2. don’t know anything about woodpeckers… but i know about hummingbirds… i have those in my garden… beautiful little things… really quite amazing…

    oh, and i found this on wikipedia: “woodpeckers gained their english name because of the habit of some species of tapping and pecking noisily on tree trunks with their beaks. (DUH!!!) this is both a means of communication to signal possession of territory to their rivals, and a method of locating and accessing insect larvae found under the bark or in long winding tunnels in the tree.”

    wikipedia is your friend.

  3. los had a picture of a wood pecker on his blog. it was silver and tall and wait…that wasn’t a wood pecker. ne’er mind.

  4. Anne: HA!, Kristi: your mom is sorry! Crystal: I’ve seen tons of woodpecker’s, but not many had the red head and blue body like that. I put you on my links today, thanks for the comments.

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