you see, i never, ever bruise…

until this. the story is kinda hard to explain. but it involved me not looking where i was going and running into an open fence… like straight into the open part… the bruise is where my arm hit the latch.

again, i never bruise!
so you know i’m not lying when i say it hurts!


  1. Lory

    OUCH!!!! kind of like my sunburned head..

    i’m a white kid (and by white..i don’t really mean caucasian..although that would be accurate). i mean white like a piece of paper.

    so, after soccer with the youth on wednesday…three hours at the park in direct sunlight on thursday…

    i didn’t think and firmly planted my sunglasses on the top of my head this morning at church….let’s just say everyone knew it hurt!

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