When Death is Enticing… Choose Life

By Crystal Renaud

I have but a few words add to the already very long dialogue taking place right now after the death of actor Robin Williams. I know not all will agree with me, but this is my truth based on my own experiences. Thanks for stopping by. 

When a tragedy like this happens many cry “mental illness!” and “depression!” as a way to try and understand. It is normal for people to scramble for answers to a senseless act. And because no one chooses the path of mental illness and it is a long-suffering battle, it makes sense and gives an excuse to the plaguing questions.

Less than 2 years ago now, my grandpa took his own life in the back bedroom while my grandma and uncle were on the couch watching a baseball game. No warning. No cries for help. Nothing but the sound of a single gunshot firing off on an October evening in Texas.

While I know mental illness plays a part in suicide, this world is very, very broken. With very, very broken people in it in need of a very, very real Savior. Can depression influence suicide? Absolutely. No sane and rational person, thinking sane and rationally, does that kind of thing. But suicide is absolutely a choice — with a very spiritual influence. And those who suffer from mental illness are ripe for the picking.

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