a lesson for dumb boys

on behalf of all single women in the world i write this post.

within the first 5 minutes of meeting a guy who isn’t wearing a ring (we always check) and “could be the one”, a girl has already planned her wedding and picked out baby names with this guy in mind. it’s just the nature of the single woman. guys, we have a plea. if you are otherwise taken or engaged, don’t lead us on for days and days. seeking a friendship only or not, make your “status” known to us within those first 5 minutes to prevent our great disappointment and heartache in learning that another “perfect man” isn’t going to be ours. we’d be glad to be your friend, but it tends to be a lot harder once we’ve “walked down the isle together”.

thank you.


  1. so how is it you want us to say it? “hey, how are you? i’m seeing someone now, so please don’t name the children we’re never going to have.” how do we do it?

    a dumb boy

  2. it’s easy.

    “hi i am so-in-so i work at this place, there’s a girl in my life.”

    ok so maybe not the first 5 minutes, but at least at some point during your first conversatin.

  3. I panicked once, when I looked down and realized I had taken off my wedding ring. I am very absent minded and had taken it off to fix something and left my ring there.

    At any rate, if you are around me long enough you will find that there are two passions in my life that I constantly talk about: my wife and my kids.

    I don’t know why I am rambling, but I will say that if we were to meet in real life, I would consider it an honor to be one of the guy friends. In fact, I have you down on the list of people I want to meet on MySpace.

  4. marissa

    I agree I’m only 11 but my mom and me experianced (P.S I cant spell good) this. But mine was at a camp dance so I guess there diffrent.

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