Abrupt Departure

I’m taking a break from blogging.

It seems abrupt, yes. But in many ways this has been a long time coming. From feeding my need for affirmation through comments & stats… to feeling obligated to write, more than I feel inspired to write… it is time for a break.

Don’t misunderstand me, this community is incredibly special to me. I consider this blog a ministry God allows me to have. But I am depleted… emotionally, mentally and creatively… having less and less to offer in my own life, let alone on here.

So, I appreciate the grace and opportunity in taking this break.

I’d also appreciate your prayers during this season as I plan to dedicate any writing energy I do have to my book and my own spiritual growth and healing.

I am not putting a time frame to the break… could be a month, two months … all summer. Who knows. I just know that when I am ready to come back, God will make that clear. But I hope you too will come back when that time comes. I’ll be excited to share with you what I’ve learned and hopefully with a fresh & healthy passion.

As needed, feel free to contact me or submit a prayer request. And will still be on Twitter. But maybe just not as much as I have been. We’ll see.

I’ll see you soon.


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  1. I think this will end up being a very valuable time for you and your writing.

    And, it will be good to still connect on twitter 🙂

  2. jennifer

    thanks Crystal for all you do for the Kingdom of God. enjoy your break and take this time to take care of you.

  3. As I Tweeted: Be praying for you during this time – rest, growth, wisdom & peace.

    I can sort of identify – at first I was so hooked on my stats (which aren’t much!) and was really doubting my reason for blogging. I restarted, repurposed, and don’t even disply my stats any longer…


  4. I’ll be praying for you. I had to take a break myself a month or so ago. It’s wise to do every so often.

    Praying that God restores and rejuvenates you with new ideas and fresh insight on your book!

  5. Crystal,

    It was so great to get to ‘meet’ you today. You were such an encouragement to me and my own desire for ministry. Then I came over here and discovered your little blog fast. Would you find it crazy that I did the exact same thing about a week after you did? I took an entire month off from Facebook… I just didn’t like that I was writing for instant gratification. And you know what, God blew doors open, so I know He HAS to be doing the same for you.

    You have my prayers.


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