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“wow” is the only sufficient word-choice to describe this past weekend but i will try and explain more fully. i had you pray for my grandpa because he’s been ill and is far from God. prayer that we were able to show him Christ’s love in a way he’s never experienced before. Prayer that all of us were able to have a good time together. That this quick trip was full of fond memories and not memories of bitterness and regret. well those prayers were answered 10-fold. besides my grandparent’s dial-up internet being slower than grass growing, we had absolutely the most incredible trip to see my family in my entire life. i was only there for like 36 hours but more “yea God” things happened in 36 hours than ever before.

1. we got my grandma out of the house and took her out for real mexican food!

2. my uncle & his mom made up authentic mexican food too! (he’s from mexico)

3. my 15-year-old cousin, Michael confided in me that he desires going to church and that there was one in town that he wants to try that is apparently really modern (like mine). but my aunt won’t take him. he’s the middle child. between a spoiled-rotten, drama queen (ashley, 19) and a boy-genius (anthony, 13). his mom, my aunt is an alcoholic and is usually too hungover to pay much attention to any of her kids … and all Michael wants to do is better himself. SOOOO – since we were there over a Sunday, I got him to church. his mom and all. This is the first time my family in Texas has gone to church together. Absolutely amazing. Michael ws grateful and hopefully my aunt will at least TAKE him if not go herself from now on.

4. My mom was able to talk to my grandpa. One on one. They talked about their past. She apologized for harboring bitterness toward him. He then proceded to apologize for how he was growing up, etc. She talked to him about Jesus and death. Asked if he feared death, etc. AND he even allowed her to pray with him. We obviously don’t know what decisions were made and what life-change will occur but we have peace in knowing he knows the truth about salvation and what a relationship with Christ really means. It is not just walking down an isle when we’re kids.

They hugged… they said, “I love you”.

So, like I said, absolutely the most incredible family visit to small-town Texas ever.

(me & g-mamma)

(view of the front yard)

(baby pinkhairedgirl)


  1. 1) That’s so fantastic that your trip turned out well.
    2) Your grandma is so cute!
    3) Mexican food (good Mexican food) can be a balm at times.

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