tired of praying for me yet?

Couple prayer things.

1) We said goodbye to Merle (our director of ministries) today by way of a party at PowerPlay… it is like chucky-cheese for big kids. We all gathered around and loved on him…. told him how hard it was… and how grateful we were for his time here. When I got up the nerve to speak, all I could think about was when I was first hired. Merle and I started the same day… almost 3 years ago. At that time I was working in some back workroom… no desk… etc. He was of course, in a lavish office…. and we joked about that. I admired him for how he treated me – then a 19 year old kid – like the adult I thought I was and how much I appreciated it. I spoke of how I have been through nearly 8 years of Westside change… and THIS out of all the changes I have seen happen… is the hardest personally. It was then that I began to cry and had to stop talking.

It was super hard to say goodbye. I’ve been fighting back tears all day long. I know physically he isn’t going far (like 45 minutes away) but professionally…. this is also a MAJOR blow to our leadership team, our teaching team and to our senior pastor. Pray for our senior pastor during this tough time of being without a right-hand-man…. and also for our administrator who is having to take on a BUNCH of Merle’s tasks. We are about to embark on a stewardship campaign as well as open a 3rd regional campus venue…. so there is a lot on the table… and less staff to man it all. So, keep us all lifted up to the Father for strength and endurance… and the ability to find rest amongst all the busyness. If you work in a church – you know how stressful, busy… it can be. But ultimately it is rewarding… we just have got to survive until that point. ha.  Oh, and I guess you can pray for Merle too. (:

2) At some point during the past weekend my back freaked-out. Some 10 years ago I hurt my back and formed sciatica – I’ve had several chiropractic treatments since then and have not had a problem for nearly 2 years. Well, like I said, something happened over the weekend that brought back great pain. Could be the result of traveling, sleeping on a pull-out couch, stress, etc., but with my trip to Africa approaching in about 40 days, it is is disheartening to think that TRAVELING could cause this much pain. So….
Please be in prayer for me that this is temporary… and if not, that I can get it taken care of quickly & easily. I went to my old chiropractor tonight for a minor adjustment but I have an appointment with my favorite back-cracker on Thursday. Pray he finds something that is easily treatable.



  1. Marty Kunsman

    Try doing some cardio exercise, like riding a stationary bike to bring your overall resting muscle tone down. Your muscles are too hard and dense, most likely. A little bit of added stress can increase the tone a bit and put you up over that pain threshold… I think of it as the nerves need nice soft tissue to pass through. I write all about this in “Hard Body Pain, Soft Body Bliss.”(how stress and strength training create hard bodies in pain)
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