chocolate rain…

i watched his original video on youtube like a month or so ago but somehow it is now a phenomenon. to my absolute surprise, he was on jimmy kimmel thursday night. his voice and his appearance are complete contradictions. he sounds like james early jones, but looks like a boy-janet jackson.

video 1 is his original youtube version and video 2 is him on jimmy kimmel. the original video is, in my opinion, too long to sit all the way through, but if you watch through the 2nd one, you can see him actually being interviewed, talking in the same deep voice he sings in.

i am not still not sure i believe his voice is actually this deep, it seems to me like he’s trying to talk like that. what do you think, real or fake?

#1 (original youtube version)

#2 (on jimmy kimmel, the looks on the faces of the crowd are priceless oh and sorry about catherine bell's dress)

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