D-Day Tomorrow. I Need Your Best Music Picks.

I have a confession.

I haven’t been to the dentist in 10 years.

I have no great excuse for this other than allowing fear to rule this area of my life for a very long time. Ever since I had a choice about going to the dentist (I grew up with a former dental hygenist as a mom) I have chose not to go. Lots of excuses. But at the end of the day—fear chose for me. And eventually the embarrassment began to outweigh the fear. Even if I suspected an issue.

The sights. The sounds. The smells. The whole experience—Paralyzes me.

Tomorrow I finally go. Tomorrow I face the inevitable. Tomorrow I face whatever damage is in there. Tomorrow I face whatever price tag is on it to make it all right. Tomorrow I face a dentist that basically everyone I know in KC has told me to go to.

And I have been anxious all day.

I’ve faced scarier and harder things in my life than going to the dentist, but I do pray I don’t flip out in that chair tomorrow.

– –

While you’re here: What music is connecting with you right now? I plan to load up my iPhone and have my buds on full blast during my entire appointment. Would love to have some calming, uplifting tunage.


  1. Anna

    David Crowder Band – any thing really – but especially like Wholly Yours; Crash Test Dummies – God Shuffled His Feet; Matthew West – Only Grace; Tree 63; Chris Tomlin; Paul Ramey – Alright; Newsboys; Kutless; Robbie Seay Band – Song of Hope; … do you just want to borrow my IPOD?! LOL! I’ll say a prayer for you!

  2. Proud of you!

    Music: NeedToBreathe I loved Something Beautiful, and ordered the whole album on a whim, its really enjoyable.

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