fabulous day… for reals

that’s right friends. i had a GREAT day yesterday. i had 2 very awesome conversations with 2 very amazing people who helped me put some of my current “woes” into much better perspective. THANK YOU for praying. I definitely believe that my encounters today were ordained and answered prayer.

i will share with you the lesser of my woes. you might find it silly as i do too now, but i will go ahead and share.

most of my life i believed with all of my heart (well actually in my head) that i would be married by age 20. my mom was married at 20. both of my mom’s sisters. both grandmas. my sister-in-law was 19 for goodness sake.

so to me… i thought i needed to be married by now too… and since i am coming up on my 22nd birthday here in just 2 DAYS, i’ve been feeling like an old maid. yes, an old maid at 22 years old. i know that sounds silly but you have not been inside my head. there is a lot more to this desire of marriage that has nothing to do with age… and it other stuff that i have been struggling with. a lot of daddy issues, affirmation junkiness, longing for affection and approval, etc.

it’s all very cat’s in the cradle. 🙂

my brother’s struggle with alcohol and beyond is weighing heaviest on my heart right now. so if you could continue to pray for him. that God would do what He does best. and that i would not interfere. and pray that for the rest of my family as well. i’ve added a prayer need section on the top right section of this blog. if you feel so led please lift up the requests you see there… and if you would like to add any – just ask me!

not sure i will be around this weekend to update as tonight and tomorrow morning i am attending a vocal artistry seminar. i am not really sure what to expect but i am going with some other members of the worship team so it is sure to be fun. hopefully i learn a thing or two. Lord knows i could learn a lot. saturday night i am supposed to hang out with a friend for my birthday. sunday (my actual birthday) i have to get up at 6:00am for worship rehearsal and sing all morning… so that will be EARLY but fun. and then i think i am going out to the legends with my mom to celebrate my birthday together. so i am pretty sure my weekend will be full and non-stop but sometimes that’s ok.

question to ponder…
what is your best birthday memory?

mine was probably last year when i threw myself a grand ole party… it was for my 21st… i felt quite loved that so many people came (and helped put it together).

the picture is of the flowers my dad sent. he has been out of town on my birthday for 16 straight years now. it has become tradition that he send me flowers. and these came today since i don’t work on my actual birthday… and it is always more fun to get flowers at work/school/etc.


(just a few friends @ last year’s party)


  1. Yea for Good Days!!!! Thank God for His blessings. Just 2 more days!!

    I think my favorite birthday memory would have to be the year before last. We had a great party at my house. So many people came and hung out, family, and friends. It was so much fun. My students bought me the West Wing, my favorite. And then we played bunco!! The next day was a lot of fun also, but parties are a lot of fun.

  2. I am still praying for you and I know that you are going through so much right now. Did you get my voice mail? I called and sang…Daniel too. What? You didn’t like it? Oh well. I love you anyways. So here I am, with your present. I will be there this weekend with it. Of course I made it, silly. I love you.

  3. Oooh! Happy Birthday (just a little late). I made banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting for my friend who had a birthday yesterday. I can totally relate to the whole getting older thing. I will hit 30 this Friday. And yep, those expectations of what life is “supposed” to be like pretty much suck.

  4. I will definitely lift up your bro.

    My best memory is when I was paraded around the library blindfolded until they lead me into the break room for a Star Wars cake that everyone had pitched in to buy.

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