renewed love…

whilst sitting here eating a “whatchamacallit” i decided to update the ole blog. i was at the gas station and saw one and thought, “dang i love those. i haven’t had one since i was a kid” … yeah, they’re not so much good. sorry old friend the “whatchamacallit” a friendship i once shared with you as a fat nerdy little girl is no more. 🙂

anyway… the real reason for my post to tell you of the renewed love i have for my church and church family. a long post ahead but i think you’ll find it worth your time.

for those of you who have attended the same church for a long period of time like i have (i just had my 7th anniversary of being a member at Westside) you can relate to my recent thoughts and feelings. That church is a just a routine and we lack the passion we once had. Especially as a staff member i think we are more susceptible to burnout and lack of passion every so often.

i was saved and brought into the Christian faith at Westside so of course there is a special place in my heart for this church and church family. i have just been dealing with some feelings mentioned above lately. just here recently. lacking a passion and drive. well, after this weekend i have a renewed love for the church that i have called home for the last 7 years.

the sermon this past sunday was about causing ripples. touching one life that positively effects another and they effect another and so on. basically a Christ-centered “pay it forward.” it got me thinking about any ripples that i may have had in my life. when i first began attending Westside i was completely closed-off and not involved in anything. it wasn’t until my crush in high school (i was a freshman, he was a senior) invited me to youth group to watch him play in the band. i of course said yes. i was so adorably awkward.

it was that one pebble getting thrown into the water that began the ripples in my life. i was saved at camp the following summer, baptized, began leading christian club in school, leading worship for student ministry, working at the church… and from those things causing ripples in other people’s lives through influence.

well something happened today at work that i think was a testing of the sermon message. two lades (stranded, cold, hungry and broke) entered our church doors. their car broke down some couple hundred miles away and they were broke themselves. they had been hitchhiking this whole time. it wasn’t until Frank (a westsider, incredible man and walmart-greeter) spotted them on K-7 that anyone had helped them. Wanting to help, he called called the Bonner Police just be safe and requested they be brought to the church. it was then that i was so proud of my church and church family. a lot of us were eating lunch in the gallery and saw this bonner cop car pull up (not something you see at a johnson county church)… with these 2 ladies and good old frank inside. the 2 ladies were obviously physically, emotionally and spiritually poor, tired, scared and hungry. living an alternate life-style if you catch what i am saying and possibly on drugs.

despite it all… we loved them. we greeted them. warmed them. feed them. listened to them. and helped them get on their way home. and praying we caused a ripple. what a blessing it is to be blessed by God to bless others…

what ripples are you making?


  1. Very cool. I love being the hands and feet, but all too often I lose the vision only to fall short of the sphere of influence God would desire of me.

  2. How come I’m not pinkhair approved anymore? My blog isn’t interesting enough to be mentioned on yours? I’m hurt… And whatchamacallits are good, at least they were when I was like 12, maybe I need to try them again…

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