latest news from australia…

This email was waiting for me when I got to work this morning… it is from my mom. (I miss my mommy)…


Subject: g’day


Dad and I met an Olympic
gold medalist, Steven Bradbury, from Australia.  He won for 1000m short track speed skating in the
2002 Winter Olympics.  Here is a picture of him with me and a picture of Dad and
me holding his medal.  How do you like my new Aussie hairstyle?  I went to the
day spa today and had a very relaxing time.  We are really enjoying ourselves. 
You have an invitation to stay with Geoff Rendell from CASEIH if you ever come
to Australia. 
Love ya,




  1. Julie

    We could go to Australia! That would be grand. I have friends in New Zealand. We could go there too!

    Crystal you make me smile!

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