Link Love Day

I think it is important for all of us to be in Link Love with one another. So… I have dubbed Tuesday as official “Like Love Day” here at

Here’s what YOU need to do. Between now and Monday at midnight (Central) you must post the link to your blog or website in the comment section below. Even if you’re already in my blogroll. Along with a brief description of what your blog is all about (that part is optional).

What will happen on Tuesday is I will write a post listing ALL of your links–giving you all official Pink Haired Girl Link Love for all to see. PLUS — we’ll all be able to get to know our community here a little bit better! Woohoo!

And remember, love is always better when it is returned.

So, get your Link-Lovin’ on below…


  1. My blog was started to keep in touch with geographically distant family and friends. it has become a sort of journal of travels and what God is teaching me on the journey of life. I think the faithful readers are still distant family and friends primarily, but I’d always welcome comments or dialogue on opinions expressed.

  2. My blog is just about my life as a college graduate trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life. Who God wants me to be? What I’m passionate about? What I’m going to do with my life that has meaning? Etc.


    I travel a lot, and a lot of weird/funny stuff seems to happen to me along the way, so I write about it.

    At least, that’s how it started. Now I just feel like it’s a good practice to try and write daily. And I like trying to grow it. it’s like a game.

  4. Hey Crystal. Been a reader of your blog for a couple weeks now.

    I write for a blog that speaks on matters of faith and how it applies to both believers lives and to the culture we live in. Try to be as genuine and relevant as possible. Sometimes I succeed , othertimes I fail.


    a blog about life, spirituality, recovery from abuse, faith, and hope.

    i am the author of stumbling toward faith published by zondervan in 2004, and re-published in 2008.

  6. My blog is about my life and hopefully to be used to bring God glory. Also to have accountability and support of others.

  7. My blog is about absolutely nothing. My writing is horrible. My content is sometimes questionable.

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