new ministry (needs a name)

Friends, I am sharing something really exciting.

As a wait here for the green light to mission in South Africa, I’ve been praying about in what area I can still do ministry here and now. Well, I found it or rather, God showed me.

In just a matter of weeks (orientation is October 4), I will begin leading a support/counseling group for women who struggle with sexual sin/addiction issues. Since I personally walked the road of sexual addiction and came out the other side through recovery, my passion for the healing, restoration and transformation of women battling this sin and addiction is huge. And I am so excited about the opportunity to use what I’ve walked through to help other women. (my story)

I covet your prayers throughout the weeks and months to come. For several things:

Prayer for my preparation as I pray & study, plan out the curriculum, promote the group and write our group covenant. Prayer for the hearts of women who will step up and admit their need for this group. Prayer for my ability to lead them. Prayer against certain first impressions. I am young and there may be women who are older that won’t want to take me seriously. Prayer for my own protection against the enemy who will use anything to cause me to revert to old sin patterns. Prayer for other women to step up & lead. Prayer also for the protection of this new ministry as a whole.

This is the first group of its kind for women in the history of Westside. Luckily I have the backing of my fellow church staff. However, opposition may occur from elsewhere because of the sensitivity of the material and because this is typically a silent issue among the church and for women. But my intention isn’t to shake things up or get praise for stepping out. I want nothing more than the Lord to be glorified and to see women who are broken and strugging find freedom and restoration. That’s my goal in all of this.

So with all of that said, I have been trying to come up with a name to “promote” this group. I am having a hard thinking one up. Right now we are going with Victory Over Sexual Sin: Women’s Edition because there is a men’s group called Victory Over Sexual Sin. But I think that’s lame. You know me, always wanting to up one and be a little more provocative, but at the same time, hopeful.

Have any ideas? Any idea is a good idea right now.

You can either post your suggestions for a group/ministry name or email me. if I get several, we might do something fun like have a vote.

Oh and if you’re a woman at Westside who could benefit from being in a group like this, please contact me and we can talk about it. Your anonymity will be well protected.


  1. “victorious vixens”
    “freedom from falling”
    “walking women”
    “from bad girls to bible babes” LOL – just kidding!

  2. Lory know the place this has in my heart as well…

    Lily Ladies (check out SS 2:1-2)

    Love ya.

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