one lucky fly

So my post is about a very strange occurrence that happened today. While most people swat and kill flies… I saved one. Here’s what happened…

This morning when I got home from staying over at the interns house again… I took a little nap and awoke to make myself some lunch. At first glance into the ridge, I saw what appeared to be a dead fly just lying on its side on the top shelf… next to the orange juice.

You know… one of those unfortunate mishaps where a fly from the outside world mistakenly comes into your home and gets stuck in the fridge… hmm… happens all the time, right? 🙂

After I regained my composure, I picked it up by its wing and prepared to throw it away (thinking it was dead)… when I picked it up… its legs began to move and the other wing began to flutter… this little guy wasn’t dead… just very, very cold! Upon discovering there was still life in this little guy I couldn’t bare with the idea of just “finishing him off” and throwing him away. So I put him down on the counter top.

He remained stiff. Dead stiff.

Not planning to wait long to see if it would awaken… when I was about to pick him back up and toss him in the trash… his legs began to move again and he tried and tried to stand. So I just left him on the counter as I left to go to the movies with my mom. (we went to see prairie home companion – which was actually pretty funny).

When I got back, the fly was gone. I just figured my dad had found it and threw it away…because surely it died, right?

A little later on this evening I was at the kitchen table eating dinner when I see this fly land next to me. Walking ever so much closer. I tried swatting it away to get it out of my space, but it just kept coming back. Not scared.


On a fluke, I tried to get it to climb on my finger… and it totally did… unless I am wrong, flies are easily spooked and don’t let people get too close to them. But friends, it remained on my hand until I could get to the back door and set him free. Oddly enough he trusted me…

Now that it is all typed out, this story sounds really weird and I feel like a very bizzare person… but there was something very sweet about the whole thing. Something cool about knowing I helped to prolong his life.

Don’t make fun of me. 🙂


  1. I am glad you are making friends with God’s creatures, but if you start cuddling with roaches or snuggling with bees, we’re going to have to talk.

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