a weekend just for me…

I had one of those weekends where there was very little “obligation” or “pleasing of others” – do you know what I mean? I rarely get a weekend where I get to do what I want – when I want to do it – have fun – and relax.

As you read previously, my Saturday started out nerve-racking and uncomfortable… but that all turned out to be much better than expected. After the driving… the Renaud family had a 4th of July BBQ… I got to love on my nephews… pick on my sister-in-law’s ridiculously skinny figure… spend a little time with my brothers… help my mom… and enjoy the food my dad grilled. He always grills up a couple hotdogs just a little bit burned – just for me! My newest nephew (who is a real fatty) finally rolled over onto his stomach for the first time… and on tape (see below for video linkage)… I stayed over at the interns house on Saturday night which was fabulous. I love those girls… although it was only half of them there. We went to Sheridan’s and got ourselves some frozen custard and headed over to the “testosterhome” (a house 5 of our guy friends live in together). It is always an adventure going there.

On Sunday, we went to church… sermon was about discipline in giving and prayer… good stuff… went to lunch… went swimming (got burned – word of advice – don’t go swimming a month after getting a tattoo on your back… so burned now… ouch)… and then we went to see ROB BELL at the Granada in Lawrence. This was seriously one of those talks I definitely needed to hear. Rob Bell is such a gifted speaker and minister. So real. He spoke about Genesis 1-2 and how it is truly written as a poem… and it was meticulously written in a certain form. Humans are the only thing in the entire world (including God) that is 100% physical and 100% spiritual. If someone tells you – they are not a spiritual person – that is not even possible. A big part of this message was about the Sabbath and how we are required to take that time to “party” and not work or worry. We are required to be 100% present and take time to just be. That we are human beings… not human “doings”. It was a very important message for me to hear right now.

After Rob Bell we went to Jimmy John’s… as everyone else left… Roxanne, Jennifer and myself stayed behind and finished up eating and relaxing. As we were walking down Mass to Roxanne’s van… we see the Granada crew and Roxanne asks if Rob Bell has already left… as the Granada guys were saying, “yes” – me and Jennifer see Rob Bell turn the corner walking… WE GOT TO TALK TO ROB BELL! It was so super excellent. The rest of the Westside crew definitely missed out by eating and running so fast.

Such a great weekend.

new nephew pics…

Jakob Jackson Nephews

Click here to see Jackson rollover… and my other nephew shamelessly begging for the spotlight…

(if someone has tips for embedding a video into wordpress please indulge me. I tried like 10 times and it never worked)


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