a father’s day without him

with tomorrow being father’s day, i am asking for your prayers for my brother and his family. just last january, my sister-in-law Emily lost her dad to suicide.

this is obviously the first father’s day since she’s lost him and the first that my nephews won’t have their grandpa. i talked to her just a few minutes ago, telling me about looking for cards for my dad and her step-dad and having to walk away in sadness and anger. she was incredibly close to her dad, a kind of relationship i could only dream of having with my own dad.

emily is pretty incredible in that, after she was saved a few years ago, she really brought faith into the life of my brother. in doing so, living a life of true examples to my nephews. i don’t know anyone more protective of their family or more loving than her. she basically rocks.

so please pray for her. i know tomorrow will be incredibly difficult. pray that we are sensitive to her feelings and that our brunch tomorrow would be a happy one, in remembrance of Rick.


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