President-Elect Barack Obama

well my friends (like my little homage to McCain?) — it is over. American has spoken and President-Elect Barack Obama is what she said.

i was definitely a single-issue voter and and because of that, am disappointed by McCain’s loss and what his loss might mean for the abortion issue in our country. but when i put my own disappointment aside, i can look to the future with a little bit of excitement for what Obama’s presidency will do for our country as a whole. but don’t tell my dad i said that. 🙂

how do you feel about it? please… speak your mind. even you, mccoy.

side note: this presidency will be like no other in history. the task at hand is a huge one. so, regardless of your political affiliations and strong opinions… we are ALL called to pray for this man, his presidency and our country. it is our job as Christian Americans. do your job and He will do His.

The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7


  1. amy

    Obama wasn’t my first choice. I’m not saying that he is a bad person. All I’m saying is that he isn’t my first choice.

  2. I think this is a travesty that only the Lord will prayerfully capture us His grace again- making right this wrong decision.

    I think a lot of believers looked sideways on this one because well… we are humans and we, althought aren’t supposed to, get attached to our things in this world and want more of them or security in them. I feel many looked sideways because of this attachment and think the Lord isn’t watching. When He is!

    Would it have been easier for people if the Lord had held his nail scarred hand in ours and walked us to the polls? It’s like business. How can you seperate your knowledge on tithing out of your personal bank account and then not tithe out of your business? Somehow many people seperate God from business & God from security in future pertaining to the almighty $. Do people think that God wants us to be poor and lacking? The answer is NO. Imagine Him saying it like this, “Hey guys, I know the easy route would be to elect a man who’s beliefs don’t line up with My Word but I want you to know that although the other way may seem not so sure it’s better for you and will bring reward. Not to mention it doesn’t cause any unborn children of mine to die in the process and it doesn’t include not protecting Israel.”

    Lets talk real talk here… My county alone reported 66% more African American voters than in years past. An 30+% more new registered voters. My husband is a supervisor in a plant here in our state and his guys were all talking about the election. They teased him because we weren’t voting for OBAMA. When he asked them why are they voting for him their answer was, “Man, He’s gonna give us everything…. everything man!” This was all they knew about the man they were voting for. Pure laziness! People want stuff handed to them rather than working for it. That’s why we value so little in this generation. We dispose of things for no valid reason, we feel a sense of entitlement that we ought to get mortgages on BIG houses, we trade/buy new cars every couple of years, and we still need more. This is why we need a Saviour folks! Because we are obviously a fallen bunch!

    Grace, grace, grace Lord. Please have grace, grace, grace on us!

    a lower middle class american; married; living on a budget; sharing one car; paying down a mortgage; living with the long term effects of a liver injury caused by a red light runner; trusting the Lord to make ends meet; happy, enjoying life; praying & trusting for a miracle in this nation.

  3. tony

    heather – bingo!!

    i was once told that a vote is the easiest, cheapest and cleanest way to kill an unborn child – and millions of people did just that yesterday

    (but i guess if it’s not your child, you have no conscience – gotta love socialism)

  4. Brad

    I’m glad that I was drawn to read this entry today as it has helped to humble me.

  5. sorry, these responses are pretty over the top. how about praying for him? do people not trust the sovereignty of god?

  6. Really? Seriously? I mean, really?

    The panic and fear and meanness among the “christian electorate” today is scarier to me than the fear-mongering that leads us to further polarization.

    Our votes did or didn’t lead to “our guy” winning – but as others have posted elsewhere, God isn’t surprised, and is especially fond of us right now in doing what’s right, changing what we can, and living out His kingdom in the here and now. I got more of that from the Obama campaign than from the McCain side. If I had heard as much from the right I would’ve voted that way. Saw this tweet this morning: HOPE > FEAR; UNITY > DIVISION. I think it’s a win-win for the country this morning that will play out as best it can if we’ll all work together for those good and perfect things we’re supposed to have our minds on.

    [stepping off soapbox – thanks :)]

  7. I agree with Anne.

    I can totally understand why you would choose to vote on the issue of abortion since that’s a major issue. Unfortunately our last President campaigned against it too but did nothing about it. So regardless of their views we can keep up the grassroots efforts which is where real change happens.

    At the end of the day, history was made. The nation’s voters have spoken. Our leader’s hearts are in God’s hands (Proverbs 21:1) and it is our responsibility to surround them with prayer.

  8. ugh, I can’t believe some Christians today. Really, crazy fear talk is rampant. Will we step up and be grace or will be just be the same? That is what God is telling us people. Be salt, be light. You don’t want more abortions then open a women’s crisis center in the inner city, reach out to an unwed mother. You don’t like socialism then give to a charity, or better yet start a soup kitchen, Job training program, work transportation route. Shut the heck up complaining about Obama and get busy actually being the church. Your vote is nothing compared to your life or is that just it, you wanted a different government doing what you wont?

    Grace, mercy, peace.

  9. GOD is in CONTROL!!! that is all that matters. If Christians stopped judging and just loved, we might have a united country. Not love the sin, but love the sinner. The sinner might change and stop the sin. Just something to think about. I know when I was finally loved as a sinner in some deep sin, I have stopped the sin. GOD is in CONTROL!!! I agree with Anne – – we need to pray!

  10. mrsDebbie

    I am truly saddened that the polarization of our nation is most evident in the body of Christ. But we must have hope! Our president was never called to be our savior, Christianity never aligned itself perfectly with Republicanism.

    It’s time to refocus, it’s time to pray… we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

  11. I too was disappointed last night but at the same time I know that God is in control and He has a plan and His plan is perfect. I will be praying for President Obama everyday and not because I am worried but because he is my president and my leader and I will support him.

    And more than anything I think my problem lately has been with other Christians….judging and sniping with one another over who they were choosing to vote for…Because at the end of the day we all believe the same thing…Our God is sovereign and just. During the praying backwards the other night I was so humbled as both sides came together and prayed as one Body, Unity. Here is our time and chance to show others that we are the Church! That is the prayer of my heart…that we will take this chance and put all of our differences aside and do what we are suppose to do as the Church :o) Love.

  12. Amen Heather!

    I would also like to point out that all the media is pointing out that he is the first BLACK president…try Bi-Racial. Anyway, I thought this wasn’t about race. oops my mistake.

  13. I’m back but just because I wanted to say a thing or too and make my beliefs clear.

    I believe the Lord WILL use this situation with our country for good. I trust that He (The King of Kings) holds our future and in that I am very secure. NO loss of sleep or appetite here!

    I have no hatred for Obama. I realize he too is a sinner in need of saving just like I was at one point in my life. I hope he finds salvation and that it changes him in a profound way.

    I don’t care if he’s black, purple, got his belly button pierced or wears all black. He and I have very different views as to what the Word of God says about several issues as aforementioned in my 1st comment. With that being said I don’t know how any CHRISTIAN (one having a personal relationship with their Creator, God) could stand in line to vote for a man who knowingly doesn’t support Christian values according to God’s word.

    Where is the responsibility of the Church-and I don’t mean the 4 walled one either? If the church were the one’s helping these families in need, discipling them in God’s Word, and leading these people into a deeper knowledge of Our Saviour then the burden wouldn’t be on the government. It would be as it should- refer to the book of Acts. Remember how the Word has the power of conviction for us once saved. I don’t mean condemnation style either. But when I read the Word and I find that i’m not doing something the way I was asked to the Holy Spirit convicts me and is who helps me to overcome. An let me tell you I have overcome much with the help of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, I know it works!

    There are lots of people from dysfunctional homes out there who could use a Christian influence to teach them things that they may not have learned- like budgeting, saving, tithing, not living in excess, etc. My sister-in-law is a perfect example of this. She grew up without a mother. Guess what?? She has 3 kids from a man she’s not married to, married to another man, all on every gov’t assistance out there, and living with a man she’s not married too. All of these problems could be on their way to solving if she had one Christian woman like a mom to teach her and show her the love of Christ. I’m sure the Lord could do for her as He has so many of us.

    Life is not about getting… It’s about giving. Look at the example of Christ. He gave, He healed, He prayed, He loved, He sacrificed, He hung & died for our redeening. And WE are the recipients of those gifts. We were called to be disciples. Which means to imitate our teacher. Jesus didn’t live on gov’t assistance, ask for bigger tax breaks, and demand that he be catered to because HE WAS THE SON OF GOD. He humbled himself and lived like we do- temptation, persecution, etc.

    Lastly, We do need to pray! And we need to trust that the Lord can deal with the future of this Nation. But as an American I am saddened that we have elected our modern day King Saul. Doesn’t mean I don’t trust just means that I have a righteous anger for the things that anger & grieve the Lord’s heart. I’m aware He hasn’t fallen off His throne in heaven over this. I’m happy that regardless of a socialist economy, terrorism, universal healthcare, Nancy Pelosi epidemic or whatever that my last breath is will be my fist next to Him. Oh joyous day!!

    ~Heather Twitchell

  14. ConnieJ

    Crystal, I appreciate so much the opinions of others, and the passion over abortion. I still strongly believe that the church needs to step up to the plate and start putting our time, energy, tears, prayers, and resources into these moms who get pregnant. Until the church steps up to the plate, I will continue to be shocked at how many people take such a strong stance on this, and yet when asked, what do you do to help these women so they can make a choice of life, I have NEVER had anyone have an answer other then, well God says…

    God says very simply, it means nothing without action….

    I voted for Obama. As a very conservative strong Christian, it sadden me to feel like I could not explain my side. I was spoken to very harshly, even told I wasn’t saved…..many many Christians have experienced the same thing.

    How is that Christ like?

    I voted for my children, for the schools, for the special ed programs. I voted for healthcare.

    Moral issues are a choice. If I take away someone else’s choice, I open the door to one day have someone in office who believes differently than I, to force me to act the way he believes. That is terrifying to me.


  15. Stephanie

    Wow. I’m not going to lie… the reason I have hesitated getting back into church life is because of people like Heather. I am truly sad.

  16. I will support Obama as much as I support any President. I will do what he asks us as a nation to do, as long as it doesn’t conflict w/ my family’s conservative beliefs.

    As for respect…that’s something he’ll have to earn. I hope he can.

  17. Leaving abortion a choice means leaving the decision to the pregnant woman and God, without Government getting between them. I would think that would please most Republicans.

    We are supposed to be the representatives of our faith, not our government.

  18. I agree w/ Kevin that abortion is a heart issue, not a government issue.

    How the candidates feel about abortion tells me where their heart is or isn’t.

  19. tony

    “You don’t like socialism then give to a charity, or better yet start a soup kitchen, Job training program, work transportation route. Shut the heck up complaining about Obama and get busy actually being the church. Your vote is nothing compared to your life or is that just it, you wanted a different government doing what you wont? ”

    nope, i won’t shut the heck up about people who support abortion, especially leaders ofour country – btw, i have already done many types of these things – but mnot through govt. programs – they’re done either through the church, or most times directly from me to someone in need – kinda like the Acts thing – have you?

  20. Dizzley

    It’s got to be a time of hope for all Americans. I believe that the sovreign God has made his choice and His priorities will prevail. And we don’t see fully…

    “So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.” 1 Peter 5v6 has been on my heart over the last weeks.

    Thanks for the blog BTW.

  21. @ stephanie….im sorry.

    a couple things i keep telling myself to remember, and things that i think we need to remember are…..

    that obama isn’t hope, Jesus is. at the current time with our economy in the dumps, the war, the housing market really bad, people are looking for hope. is there a better word to attach to your platform if you are running for president…i submit that there is not!

    secondly, in my opinion, change needs to happen in our neighborhoods, in our communities. when we start putting our neighbors before ourselves, change will happen. when we look out for the safety and wellness of others, change will happen. when we stop being selfish, change will happen.

    on the topic of abortion…i am personally against abortion, the gov’t isn’t gonna change that, but if the government allows abortion, as an act of love, and redemption my wife and i are gonna adopt. how about taking a situation, that we feel doesn’t glorify God (abortion) and using it for his glory. what a way to offer true hope to a child and a mother.

    im glad this is all over. i served jesus yesterday, and i still serve jesus today. i will serve jesus while obama is president and i will serve jesus after obama is long gone from the white house.

    “my first allegiance is not to a flag, a county or a man. my first allegiance is not to democracy or blood. it’s to a King and a Kingdom.” – derek webb

  22. I sort of made a pact with myself to be done with the political blogs, so all i shall say is that i was overjoyed to spend the evening in a room full of MOSTLY CHRISTIANS and experience an amazing event. America spoke and let us all know that we are tired of the republican agenda. I am pro-life, but felt that there were more pressing, more attainable issues at stake in this election.
    But i am a bit of a bleeding heart liberal, right Tony? my new friend that i love to hate (and vice versa)

    here’s a good question thats sure to get people going…. how many abortions did Bush (who is 10x more conservative than McCain) keep from happening? why do we think that McCain would have done anything better? Because he said he would at a campaign? oh, thats reason enough. this guy was struggling so hard for the Christian right’s approval he stooped as low as to bring on Sarah Palin as his VP! He would have said anything to get our vote. That’s a main reason to NOT have voted for him. The first time in months that McCain was who he really is was his AMAZING concession speech last night. That’s the real McCain, the one who was lost along the campaign trail in an attempt to “convince” Christian’s that he was God’s best choice for us.

    He did a good job, but not good enough.

    …and the political season is officially over for me. Don’t expect anymore opinions (even you, Tony)

  23. tony

    bmcoy – i absolutely have no hate for you, sorry you feel that way – but it’s ok we’re all brothers in Christ right?

  24. Debbie

    One of satan’s favorite strategies is to divide and conquer. How about if we just let it be and love each other. We’re all in this together now so let’s be the church.

  25. Silent J

    Wow!….okay, i am going to shut off the lights on the count of three and what happens!

  26. Sincere

    It sad how people clinge to Gods words and claim to be holier than thou, yet they show how sinful and ungodly they are. Julie in regards to him being “biracial”. You’re correct. Unfortunately have you ever heard of the “one drop of black blood theory?” Allow me to enlighten you. It was not created by an African American. Caucasians have clinged to that fact for years. But now that we have an African American president, he’s coined bi racial. White ppl dont have to have everything.

    Ever wonder why there is no “Biracial” option on forms questioning race? Because of the drop of black blood hon.

    In case you’re wondering I am Bi racial, and have been referred as a “black person” my whole life.

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