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First, thank you so much for your very thoughtful responses to my original post. There were many, and many more emails! i plan to write you all back individually. i am overwhelmed by your prayers, love and grace. as well as your generosity in allowing me to keep your donations for a new trip.

On Wednesday morning, i passed one stone – of which i could see. Since then, just pretty consistent but minor achiness in my lower back and abdomen. In doing a lot of reading, i see that it is normal for this to occur. The good news is that any pain i have or am experiencing has been manageable without medication… which could mean i am either crazy tough or that i am nuts. Whichever it is, i am happy to not have to take anything.

Please continue to pray for my healing. i hope to head back to work tomorrow. Hate to use my time off in this way. I’ve never been good at being down for very long.

Read the experiences of the team in South Africa!

Since I wasn’t able to go there and do this like I was supposed to, the team has been emailing me updates and pictures to post for them. The stories are incredible! Most of you probably don’t know, but they are (even as I type this) putting on a camp for about 120 South African kids in our One Life Child Sponsorship Program. Just by loving on these kids, they are able to put a real face on these kids’ sponsors and more importantly, love of Christ. The camp is called “J. Bay Indaba 08” – J. Bay being the location (Jeffrey’s Bay) and Indaba, the Xhosa translation for “essential meetings”. These are essential meetings, no doubt. This is something we hope to continue for years to come through the child sponsorship program.

Aside from the camp, the team has and will be doing a lot of other awesome things!

I encourage you to read their stories. To see and know what God is doing on the other side of the world – through our very own Westsiders & staff. The blog has already had 1,176 hits since they’ve left – just 5 days ago. This is real impact, people!

And remember, keep praying for this team! They’ve asked specifically for unity, for stamina, patience, and abounding love!

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  1. Oh girl I am so sorry. Hey at least childbirth will be a piece of cake. Been there done that kind of experience, at least with the pain issue. hey I know this is a month late but I just wanted to say thanks for supporting us in Uganda. It was great to know we had friends out there praying and there for us. I just wanted to say thanks. H

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