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My longtime, very good friend Kristi (and her husband, Daniel) are full-time missionaries in South Africa. They are traveling home in December to be with family for the holidays (3 weeks with his family and then 3 weeks here in Kansas City). They have been overseas since March and are really excited for the time at home.

As a gift to them, I am trying to figure out a way to provide them with a rental car while they are here in Kansas City so they don’t have to rely on rides to get to where all they need to go. There’s much they need to do (visit with friends & family, speak at local churches, fundraise, etc.) Simply borrowing a car is not an option as they do not have insurance to cover themselves. A rental would allow them to purchase renters insurance. They will be in Kansas City for about 3 weeks and with a discount I am able to get, the rental car is roughly $100 a week plus the cost of renters insurance & gas.

So far, I believe there’s enough for 2 weeks of rental. I’d love to raise enough to pay for a car their entire trip here, but any bit of time is great, especially while in Kansas City (and their little trip to Texas).

Some of you know Kristi personally while some of you just know her simply as kristiapplesauce, but if you’d like to chip in a couple dollars, I’d love to give you the opportunity to bless them. No obligation of course, just let me know if you’re interested or use the easy paypal link below.

Thanks! And please pray for their safe travels.

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