The Girl Effect

We received this email from our missions pastor, Schaun.
Take a minute to read his email and then watch the video he’s referring to.

I am sure you know that we want to invest in the life of children around the world…..most often girls. In Thailand we are investing in 58 girls at Grace House, Abba House and New Life Annex, in India we are investing in about 100 girls at New Life Children’s Home (plus about 65 boys), in South Africa we are investing in 300+ girls and in Mexico more than 35 girls. Why?

We believe that we can change the world through them and therefore have focused so much on their development, not just on their physical world, but by bringing them to Jesus in the process.

We are knee deep in developing microfinance programs and education programs to give these girls a future. In India, our partner, Premdas and NASA, have 55,000 women and girls receiving small micro-loans to start their own businesses and are helping their families out of poverty (90% of these women are now followers of Jesus). These 55,000 women meet weekly in small groups to do Bible study and discuss life issues. Thousands of small groups….wow.

Jason Morris [Overland Park Campus Pastor] sent me this amazing little video clip that says it all.

We leave for India tomorrow. While we are in India, Troy and I will be visiting multiple microfinance groups made up of Dhalit women and girls ….I cannot wait to report back to all what we see.

In Christ,

Now, I love this whole “Girl Effect” idea. Girl power! But I personally see one problem… where’s Jesus? That’s where The Church is different than any other world relief effort. The Church is a “supernatural community” that has the ability to make an ETERNAL change in people’s lives and not just in their circumstances. I love that my church gets it–and has the courage to do so!

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  1. Totally agree Crystal.

    Sorry I missed the prayer last night. I was off by an hour. Hope it went well.

  2. That is literally what I want to do with my life. Empower girls. Thanks for the video. I just forwarded it to the head of the Nike Foundation. Hopefully she has already seen it, if not, she has now.

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