what the…

Some of you might have noticed before I even did, but last night (at around 11pm) I went online and noticed that pinkhairedgirl.net had been taken down. Turns out my domain had expired. Great. I did all I could to get it back up quickly and finally was able to when my trusty host answered my pitiful call at midnight. I have an “in” with the owner. 🙂

However, some of you have asked since then, “Where are the comments? I can’t comment. I wanna comment on ‘iCult.'” Well have no fear, those are back up too and if you wanna comment now, please do.

Thanks for being patient!


  1. andrew: i am not as good with words as you are so i had to look up perpetuate. but to respond to that… yes, i am prolonging the trend but i still think they are too in love with themselves and are taking advantage of their popularity.

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