when days get rough…

… I read your notes to keep me going. So, thank you. They mean more than you even know. Thank you for letting me share just a FEW (no where near all) of the notes I’m reading from you. Author’s names have been removed for privacy. I’ve bolded a few phrases that personally, have touched my heart. Although time has passed, the grief, pain and sorrow have not so keep the the notes coming if you feel so lead. It’s so amazing to know you’re with us (me). –Crystal

Thanks Crystal for being real and sharing. It is a difficult time but we will rally and get past this difficult time even it doesn’t seem like it right now. Remember, God is still on his throne. He still controls everything. Thanks again. Love you!

I am so, so sorry you are having to go through this Crystal. I have been there. Know that you will get through this and God will use it. Try to keep your focus on Him, ask Him for daily bread, and He will give it.

Crystal, we’ll be praying for you and your church and all those things asked for. I’m sorry that this puts you in such a position. About 15 years ago we had that same thing happen at our church and to be completely honest, we are just finally starting to get past what happened then. But it really has been a unifying thing for our church and caused huge growth. I pray that God will be with you and your church… and their families. I’m sorry that you have to walk through this.

The reassuring thing is that the Lord’s plans prevail. Even when we screw things up, He can and does redeem & I KNOW He will use this as a way to reshape and focus the fellowship, community, and ministry of your church. Praying for you.

Praying for your church. I am on staff at a church that went through a huge crisis a few years ago. It wasn’t the same, and I would never presume to say that I know how you are feeling, but this is what I know: you are right that the church is God’s and that He is sovereign. The message … was amazing in that it gives your church permission to feel and grieve, almost with guidelines about how to do that appropriately. Don’t be afraid to move forward into whatever each new day brings through what is probably a new atmosphere in your office, the new temperature of your own heart, and the new ‘rawness’ of your church family.

In terms of YOU: Whether or not you’ve put your staff friends/family on too high a pedestal or not, Jesus will fill that void. Read the story of Lazarus’ resurrection, and you’ll see that our Savior, a man of “constant sorrows” is longing to hold you and weep with you for a time. As was stated so beautifully at that service, the pain you feel is real and natural, but it won’t stay for ever. You can’t see the road back to where you’d like to be emotionally and spiritually, but belive me, God can and will make that road … easily … and miraculously. In terms of YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: Sadly, you’ve been forced into viewing those you rightfully saw as “Pauls” to your “Timothy” as broken and needy. It’s almost like a child being forced to take on the role (mentally) of a caregiver for an ailing parent. It’s somewhat of a role change, but when you try to see them as God does – as little children making mistakes – after a while you may even be able to minister to them in their time of need. Bless you.

Hey there. Just wanted to drop a note from a church on the other side of town. Our pastoral team prayed for you guys and is continuing to over at Grace Church. I thought it’d be nice to hear that not only are folks from other states praying, but even the churches down the street.

I am a westsider and also found you by typing in Dave’s name. I was and still am reaching out to find any kind of sanity in all of this. I find it a comfort to read that others are where I am in processing all of this. Thanks for writing and thanks for letting us drop in on you. Keep the faith.

Hi Pink Haired Girl….. I’ve been a member of Westside for almost two years now and also found your blog/space/site/whatever while searching for any news about WFC. I’ve seen you around church alot and have always noticed that you always seem to radiate a spirit of peace. I’ve never spoken to you but I’ve seen you in conversation with others and there’s joy in your eyes and laughter on your lips. From reading your comments, it’s easy to understand where that comes from! … I’m convinced more than ever that WFC is the place for me and I am praying and standing strong against the enemy who is prowling; waiting to pounce on the disheartened or disillusioned. Our God is still in control; He is still our strength and hope and we all are sinners who need Him and depend on Him. His message is the same and our future is secure in Him!!

I’m a member of Westside and like a lot of other people, I found your blog by Goggling Dave’s name. I’m so glad I found it! I was a little scared what I would find when I put in Dave’s name…would I find that the papers were all over it, would I find people putting down our church…on and on. But what I did find was a blog that I LOVE and a pinkhaired girl that has the honesty and integrity to open up her heart and help others start the healing process along with her. We would all love to be able to fix this…but like you said, God’s got it under control. I’m praying for you and our church.

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