You Ask, I’ll Answer: Deux

about 8 months ago, i did this little thing where i gave you the opportunity to ask me any question (appropriate of course) and did my best to answer them.

since then, i have had a about a 50% increase in traffic and consistent commenting (why? i have no clue — i am always genuinely surprised and humbled by anyone’s return visit to this blog).

i am opening the floor to you all once again, to ask me anything…

questions can be submitted through 12pm (Central) on Thursday and i will post my answers on Friday.

ready, set — go.


  1. Ashley Rankin

    Lately you have been saying thaat you are becoming more liberal on your political views. I would like to know how so? I am a very conservitive Christian and I just don’t see anything I agree with on the liberal side so PLEASE explain!! THANKS!!

  2. Have you ever wanted to punch someone for referring to you as “religious”?

    Do you really have pink hair or just did in the past?

    If you could go anywhere for a week with one other person…where would you go and why?


  3. aw dang. its past 2pm. but ill ask anyways. ummmm hmmmm….

    ok. you only have plastic straws, newspaper, a fake apple, cotton balls, and a plunger. Using these items, you must create a superhero.

    What does this superhero look like? What is their superhero power? And what is their superhero name?


  4. Ashley Rankin

    Do you have anyone that you know that you despise (no names!) if so why?

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