My Answers Might Surprise You

Great questions ya’ll. I had fun answering them…

Brianna says:

*Can you cook? If yes, what can you cook? What’s your favorite thing to cook?

No. I am not one of those people that can look in a cupboard and whip an awesome dinner together. I am all about prepackaged food. I can however, bake. I love baking cookies, cakes, and things like that.

Anna says:

*do you like reading the bible?

Not really. That’s the honest answer. I connect to God more intimately through prayer and music than I do by reading the bible. I read it, yes… but it isn’t my favorite posture of worship.

Tyler says:

*what do you hate most about the midwest?

inconsistent weather. i hate that it can be 70 degrees one day and 95 the next. like yesterday was real cool and comfortable. today, it is hot and humid. so annoying, especially for a person like me with naturally curly hair. i never quite know how i should style my hair.

Ashley Rankin says:

*Do you have anyone that you know that you despise (no names!) if so why?

hmm… no, not really. fortunately, i haven’t been burned by anyone that badly. but i have had people in my life who have hurt me and found difficult to forgive. there are definitely people on TV i don’t like but since i don’t know them really, i can’t say despise them. ie. Bill Maher. Rosie O’Donnel.

*Lately you have been saying that you are becoming more liberal on your political views. I would like to know how so? I am a very conservative Christian and I just don’t see anything I agree with on the liberal side so PLEASE explain!! THANKS!!

i wouldn’t ever label myself as liberal. i am definitely a moderate tho. haven’t always been but the more i research and look at the issues at hand a little closer and in more detail… the more i find that my beliefs align more toward the middle than the extreme right.

there are undebatable things though: being pro-life and pro-marriage — those are things i am a stickler about keeping to the Christian standard.

however, when it comes to Christianity and the government — i don’t believe the government’s role is to uphold the Christian standard. but to uphold the Constitution. which is case-in-point, why i believe civil unions for homosexuals should be a right for gay Americans. i know that very thought will turn a lot of readers away. but bear with me. i am not talking marriage. marriage is a sacred thing between one man, one woman and God. but because the government role isn’t to upload a Christian standard in a free country like ours, we can’t expect the government to have our same beliefs about whether or not homosexuality is a sin or not. a gay, committed couple should have the right to see one another in the hospital if one is sick. right now, they do not have that right because they are not related by blood or by civil union. that’s just one reason for civil unions.

i am also for a universal health care system which is predominantly a democratic issue. as Americans, it is ridiculous for anyone to be without insurance or unable to afford health insurance for themselves and their families.

hope that helps you understand where i stand. those are the main example of why i would call myself a moderate. even though i am still undecided as a voter, i will likely vote for McCain because of the pro-life issue. to me being pro-life is also a humanitarian issue that we can’t ignore.

Mandy says:

*Do you put deodorant on before you put your shirt on? or after?

definitely after. i am freak about deodorant stains.

tam says:

*do you wash your hair every day?

definitely not. who has time? but really, my hair gets really dried-out if i do.

Jennifer M. says:

*what do you like most about your job?

what i like most about my job has very little to do with my job itself. i love my church. i love the staff and i love saying that i work at place i love. the job gets tough at times, but it is the church and Who i work for ultimately that keeps me coming back each and every day.

Worshipfan says:

*Have you ever wanted to punch someone for referring to you as “religious”?

i can’t say that i have ever had this reaction. nor can i say that anyone’s ever called me “religious”. i think people would tell you that i am the least religious person around. i am quick to say that i am a Christian… not a baptist. religion doesn’t last… Christ does.

*Do you really have pink hair or just did in the past?

pinkhairedgirl came out of the fact that from time to time, i put pink highlights in my hair. right now, they are faded, but i plan to freshen them up next wednesday at my hair appointment. i’ll try and post pictures.

Jennifer B. says:

*what do you think Heaven will be like ?

this, in my opinion is something we fail as a Church to talk more about. i think Heaven will surpass any ideas or expectations we could dream up. i just look at a sunset or the ocean or mountains or a new baby and see God’s wonder in His creation here on earth. i can’t even imagine what He’s got prepared for those of us who love Him.

tam says:

*what is your biggest accomplishment?

my biggest accomplishment would definitely be overcoming my porn addiction and even more than that, taking my struggle and using it to help other women. openly and honestly.

*what is your biggest fear? and why?

my biggest fear is that i would settle for anything less than God’s best for me. whether that be in my career or even in relationships.

Angie says:

*ok. you only have plastic straws, newspaper, a fake apple, cotton balls, and a plunger. Using these items, you must create a superhero. What does this superhero look like? What is their superhero power? And what is their superhero name?

what the heck, angie? lol. umm… okay here’s my attempt at answering this:

this superhero’s name is WellWoman. she’s a powerful woman whose body and legs are made of plastic straws and for some reason, has a fake apple for a head. you see… even though her body is made of straws, she has an arm that is a plunger that she uses to rescue cats, puppies and babies that fall down water wells. when one of these poor souls is in trouble, it is WellWoman to the rescue! she leaps with great might, with newspaper as her cape, to the bottom of the well… her body of straws withstanding the water beneath her… grabs the woeful individual by the head using the end of her plunger (plunger is lined with cotton balls for their comfort) and pulls them right out. she doesn’t get much play in comic books, but she’s humble and serves a great purpose in this world.


  1. Excellent answers….perhaps I should explain my question 🙂

    Nothing bothers me more than when people quickly change their behavior around you with the explanation “sorry…I forgot you were religious” It makes me want to scream.

    I think I hate the term religious and all that it implies more than just about anything. You are right…religion doesn’t last…and I would add, often does more harm than good. Just give me Jesus please!

    Even the term “Christian” is a little uncomfortable to me…it carries a lot of baggage for many people. I think I prefer Christ Follower or Friend of Jesus….less loaded you know?

  2. lol well I meant to use that stuff as a costume or weapon but that works. very creative. lol.

  3. CRAP!!! I missed the deadline!

    If you have time: answer THIS:

    “What happens if you decide to dye your hair purple, blue or green? Do you think that would devastate your fans since you’ve already branded yourself with the color pink?”

  4. *do you like reading the bible?

    Not really. That’s the honest answer. I connect to God more intimately through prayer and music than I do by reading the bible. I read it, yes… but it isn’t my favorite posture of worship.


    How could you not like reading the Holy Scriptures that God so graciously gave us? Listening to a sermon recently, Eric Simmons said – Your love for the Bible is in direct proportion to your love for Jesus. I believe this to be true. In God’s Word, we learn God… We come to know Him… He has graciously provided His Word and has revealed Himself through it…

    All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

    Especially for someone who serves in a church… I pray the Lord gives you a true love and hunger for His Word and an appreciation for His grace in giving it. Basing your life on ‘experience’ is faulty… Basing it on God’s Word is wise.

  5. Jenn, i SOOOO appreciate your heart in your reply to my post. no doubt, the Word is God-breathed and is His love letter to us. i don’t want to be misunderstood and perhaps i explained myself poorly. it is just simply, reading the Bible isn’t how i most closely experience intimacy with God. i think there are many ways to do so and for a lot of people, we get caught up in memorizing scripture, but have a complete disconnect from God because we are too regimented by it. does that make sense? i read a book once entitled, “Sacred Pathways” by Gary Thomas that is all about discovering one’s own path of growth and fulfillment in God, based on our temperaments. i know that sounds weird, but it is totally legit. ie. some people connect greater to God through scripture reading and reading books about Him, while others connect greater to God by being out in nature, others… through worship and adoration. it is a very interesting book.

    so, please, don’t misunderstand me. the Word of God and the grace in which it was given to us, is not overlooked. it is simply not the #1 way i find intimacy with God.

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