2.5 Weeks

hey kids, i leave for south africa in 2.5 weeks. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

after a major disappointment 6 months ago, it is hard to believe that i am getting this close again. i am nervous about my kidneys of course. i haven’t had any flare ups since that one time in march… but i am still nervous.

prayers for my health, our team’s next 2 training sessions (some trainings i am writing) and my sanity as i get things squared away at work would be awesome. being gone 2 weeks at work is definitely cumbersome to my immediate co-workers.

how can i pray for you?

feel free to post anonymously or use the “need prayer?” link in my sidebar if you have a request of a more sensitive nature. thank you for walking along side me and for letting me walk with you.


financially support or advertise.


  1. Hey Crystal,
    I don’t know if you have ever been to Africa, but I spent a summer in Uganda that changed my life forever. I will be praying for your safety and your health as well as the annointing of God to be on you as you do His work in South Africa.

  2. Can’t wait to hear what goes does in you & through you on this trip.

    I need prayer in the job arena. I should receive a phone call next week telling me which shift I’ll be working at my new job. Either swing shift or graveyard. W/ 3 little ones at home, graveyard would seriously hurt my ability to parent well =/. I would love prayers that I would be given swing shift!!!

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