gone into hiding

i’ve been planning this for a while and finally… beginning this evening through Monday night, i will be MIA from my blog, other blogs, email, facebook, twitter, phone… pretty much any form of communication.

because i need me a break! this isn’t cause i’m super holy or anything – far from it – i just feel it obedient to get away to seek some closeness with God, prayer, worship, journal, undisturbed sleep, read some much neglected books and of course, veg-out. isolation. no work. no freelance. nothing close by. no car to get me somewhere else. relying on a mini fridge and microwave to keep me fat & happy.

grieve. rejoice. find peace.

checking in tonight. if i do come out of the shadows, it will be minimal and short in time.

i’ll see ya tuesday.
don’t miss me too much


  1. Hi, I’m from Manhattan. I really enjoy teasing them too, especially after the ice storm we had, no electricity for a week! I think we may have a mutual friend. Anne and Chris Jackson know my friend Megan Eastland. Actually I know Megan through Miguel. Have a good week and try to stay warm, Shari

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