i’m a little weird… so what?

my last few posts have been somewhat heavy so i thought i would lighten things up a bit.

have you ever looked inside yourself and admitted that some of the things you think may be normal about yourself just might be quirks and oddities? well i have and here are a few.

  • I am slightly obsessed when it comes to my love for staying in nice hotels.
  • I never drink alcoholic beverages alone.
  • When eating a grilled-cheese sandwich, it has to be cut into 4 triangles.
  • I hate wearing socks.
  • Even if I am burning up, I have to be completely covered with my comforter as I fall asleep – with one leg sticking out over the mattress. This is how I am comfortable.
  • If the show FRIENDS is on at any moment in time… I will stop what I am doing and watch it. Maybe not the entire episode, but at least enough to know which one it is.
  • I always check to make sure my straightener is turned off and unplugged about 4 times before I leave in the morning.
  • Clowns of ANY kind and ventriloquist dolls terrify me.

how about you???


  1. Christina Keys

    You crack me up! I miss you soooo much!!! Oh, and I checked the top song when I was born “Money for Nothing” by Dire straights. How boring! You got a fun one, I’m jealous!

  2. Julie

    I love you. You always make me laugh.

    I prefer to turn left into a parking space. I hate turning right into one.

  3. i hate it when people touch my ears. i don’t know why, but it freaks me out.
    i like lime in my ice water.
    i order ice water from sonic just because i like to eat the ice.
    i now refuse to believe that i am short, i am really just space efficient.
    i like giving blood.
    I am scared of old people. no really, they scare me.

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