lucky for you, i am not God

this just in…. i am not God.

yep, shocker. ok, so if i know i am not God then why do you i try to be? here’s what i mean:

for nearly 6 years i have been desiring to work in student ministry because in my heart i thought i was being called to STUDENT ministry, but year after year that door has continued to be closed off to me. every time it opens just enough to peek inside – it swings back closed – knocking me in the face and has always been an emotional topic with me. well friends, it has happened again. for the last two years my job has been children’s and youth ministry graphics and church-wide bulletin (yeah i know that’s a lot)… but i have recently been given a new boss (who is fabulous) but because of this new change… i am now on a design team and no longer oversee just youth and children graphics… so i am no longer considered student staff at all… and the glimpse (and talked about) full-time student ministry communications job was yet again closed off to me… see the pattern? this whole turn of events wasn’t a shocker, but getting so close again, obviously crushed me and i was super upset…

well i have FINALLY come to a peace-filled conclusion while, of course, battling God the other night. while pleading to Him for MY WAY and why weren’t things lining up nicely the way I WANT THEM TO… i heard Him stop my martyr-ship by saying (in not so many words), “yes, I did tell you to work in My ministry, but you’re the one that is adding the STUDENT part to the equation – be content where I have placed you, continue to love Me and trust Me… ”

OUCH. poop. crap. dang. why am such a silly girl?

even though the student ministry door closing once again hurt super bad and still stings… the more i pray about it, the more peace i have in where God is taking me in ministry. God has definitely been blessing me over the last couple years (not to mention my entire life) but He has been designing me to be a designer. i had no idea He would use my skills in design to further His Kingdom. i never thought i was good enough, but what is funny is that i know i am good now. i have never thought that and always rolled my eyes when someone would say so. now i all i need is a Mac. 🙂

  • my job in ministry: to use my skills in art and design to expand the visual identities of ministry endeavors.
  • my God-shaped ministry: student ministry. to disciple girls in knowing God and who they are in His eyes.

how awesome is that?

in other news: i officially passed my driving school and will be heading up to the good old department of motor vehicles on tuesday to get my LICENSE. i haven’t had a real license since i was 18. i am really excited about the idea of driving and the only part of it that scares me now is the car payment… eek!! i am not good at saving money… no… i am terrible… no… the worst person at saving money ever to be exact. say a little prayer for me in that area.

here’s a funny little something. i was looking around wordpress and the features it has. well there is a section that shows views of your blog from people’s random searches on google or whatever… here are a couple of the searches people have made that by-chance brought them to pinkhairedgirl… haha…

  • – you know you got your name tattooed on my
  • – “vineyard church” crazy
  • – andy pink girls
  • – short haired girls drive me crazy
  • – random girls for graphic designers
  • – that pink haired girl from tv
  • – girls of starbucks

and my personal favorite:

  • – I am Woman, Worship Me


  1. Oh Crystal…
    I love your honesty. I cant wait to see you again!! You are so awesome, and i definitely want you to teach me some of your design tricks..theres so much i want to learn from you! 🙂 Anyways, good luck with the liscense thing, and i say, go ahead and get a car payment and then you’ll be REQUIRED to save that money each month! Worked for me! HAHA.

    Love you. Love you. Love you.

  2. Why can’t you work in one job and volunteer in student ministries? Am I missing something?
    At least you are growing as a result…

  3. scott

    Keep your head up i didn’t get to read all of your web site but i will…. listen to GOD and not ur self is what i try to always remember… Scott

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