Monday Weigh-in #14

It is D-Day here at

Disappointment Day.

I am disappointed that I was correct about my weight gain over Christmas. I am disappointed that I didn’t meet the goal I had made for myself by January 5. I am disappointed that I let myself cheat to the point of practically giving up. I am disappointed that my pants are tighter today than they were 2 weeks ago. I am disappointed that I have backslid to my Week #10 weight. I am disappointed that I have lost a lot of my motivation. I am disappointed that I lost a month’s worth of hard work in a few moments of weakness. I am disappointed that I have to even write this post today.

But mostly…

I am disappointed that I am letting this gain bother me so much and allowing it to steal the victories I have had. Because I am still almost 17 pounds less than I was 3 months ago. And I’ve worked out more time in the last 3 months than I have in 24 years. My energy is like nothing it has ever been. Those are victories.

So… the scale can just shut up today.

Here’s my week’s numbers…

*Weight(lbs): 209.3
*Pounds Lost: +2.8

*Weight(lbs): 206.5
*Pounds Lost: 1.6

(since Sept. 29, 2008)

*Pounds Lost: 16.6


  1. I’m starting my healthy lifestyle today.

    Do you think it’s easier to set a smaller goal to shoot for at first, or just make your goal your desired end weight?

    I have a hunch you’ll be back in your skinny pants in no time.

  2. I just worry that I’ll “celebrate” once I reach that small goal…which is what I’ve done…more times than you can count.

  3. Jodi

    Don’t be discouraged friend! There is a time to work at it and a time to celebrate!(Isn’t that a passage in Ecc!!?!? oh and by the way, we were celebrating the birth of our Savior, and another new year to serve Him!:))It is so much more realistic to know there will be gains but to just keep after it! Don’t waste one more thought, beating yourself up. You are worth it to build yourself up and continue on the journey to being the best you yet! I have had my own WW set back, but heading on back Thursday AM. Thanks for sharing–hang in there!

  4. I feel your pain. I have gone up slightly one point it was TWO lbs in ONE DAY…

    It is frustrating, but you can do it…you just have to be angry enough and, it sounds like you are there

  5. Get back on the saddle. That is what I’m doing. I’m sure when I get to my weigh in I’m also going to gain. Get mad, feel sorry and then get back to work and look forward to getting on the plan. (Am also talking to myself).

  6. kathi

    That a girl!!! That scale has nothing on you! I was just reminded of another conversation we had a while ago. Do not let this steal your joy! You are an amzing, gifted young lady. I am blessed by your friendship and encouraged by you daily. You are a blessing to so many! Keep up the good work….Much love.

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