off to see the amish… i hope

I am just writing to say I will not be posting or be around much this week as I will be at Camp SURGE.

I love camp.

I love camp for many reasons. Summer 2000 was my first “church camp” experience when I went with Westside to Super Summer (a pretty lame southern baptist camp for students). Although when I look back it was in fact pretty dull, but it was there that I first accepted the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus (I grew up Catholic so my view on all of that was somewhat altered).

6 years later, we are putting on our 3rd year of Camp SURGE (the camp created and put on by the youth ministry of Westside). Once again I am one of the programming directors. I am overseeing all things media. Want to know something else cool about this year? Andy Addis is our speaker and he just so happens to the camp pastor who spoke the year I was saved 6 years ago at Super Summer. Crazy. I truly love Andy and the ministry he allows God to use him in.

Please be praying for the 240 students and 40 leaders going on Monday. Also pray that God lifts up a nurse willing to spend the week with us – with such short notice. Desperation is what we are in. 🙂

Alright then… What was your best/worst camp experience?


  1. The best camp experience the very first camp I ever went to during High School I became assured of being a Christian.

    The worst camp experience – working at camp the very first week and have a tornado warning and being in a shower for a while with 8 youth.

  2. all camp experiences were worst than the one before. Didn’t go to camps for too long 🙂 But good to know they aren’t torture for everyone

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